Zombie Mondays #5: Guts! 1:2

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Show Review: Guts, Episode 2

***Please do not read if you have not seen the show! There will be spoilers!!***

Ahhh the poor horse!!! We start back in the tank, with Glenn trying to help Rick. In this episode we meet quite a few of the people we are going to learn to love. Wow Andrea changed a LOT. I have a feeling I would be a bit like Andrea if zombies ever do rise. I mean I like to say I would know how to survive but until you’re in the situation, who knows. And Andrea is scared but willing to do what she needs to do to help the group.

Glenn is totally my favorite character so far. I just love his sardonic viewpoint and the fact that he really can survive. You can see his grit even though right now he just looks like a geek, he’s so much more!

This episode horrified me! The guts they use from the zombies… ugh! I don’t have a weak stomach but that really had me cringing! All in all, I absolutely loved every minute of this but did enjoy seeing Glenn the most!

Comic Review:

Pretty big difference already. After Glenn and Rick meet Glenn takes Rick through the forest instead of into an adjacent building. Plus Glenn tells Rick NOT to use his gun. He specifically tells him to use his gun in the television version, but sometimes you do what is necessary to get your ass out alive! We still get the same information from Glenn, which is the fact that the city is overtaken with walkers and there is not really a way in or out.

The drama that this produced from the first page is still thick. If you didn’t have empathy for Rick before, you probably will now. He thinks his wife and son are gone and is devastated.

Although the differences are huge, I have to say, I’m liking how the show did this part. We get to meet more characters straight away and although we’re in a city full of walkers, those characters aren’t all bad ass. Plus there was no Guts portion in the comic. That was just… gross but epic!

Would you use a zombie’s guts to survive?

More zombies!

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