Zombie Mondays #4: Days Gone By 1:1

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Show Review: Days Gone By, Episode 1

***Please do not read if you have not seen the show! There will be spoilers!!***

Ohhh Walking Dead. How I love you…

It surprises me that the group of survivors have gone through so much that I completely forgot where they started!  As I started rewatching episode one, I quickly realized that I had done just that. Rick started out scared out of his mind (wouldn’t anybody!!?) and completely lost. Ohhh what would have happened if he wouldn’t have run into Morgan and Duane. I mean honestly if we are to give Rick credit he did just wake up from a hospital bed, most likely dehydrated near to delirium! And then to walk around the hospital and see all the blood, the gunshots on the wall, the half eaten corpses… I don’t think life can get much more intense. So fortunately for him before he is eaten he runs into Morgan and Duane. Or more to the point, Duane runs a shovel into Rick’s head.

I love the beginning of this already. The intensity it brings, you can see Rick shaking and when he slams his hand to his forehead when he thinks he’s dreaming, I just agonized for him. I want it to be a dream too Rick! I really do! But sadly the dead truly do walk in this world and it’s going to take a lot of Rick’s character to get him ready to face what’s ahead of him.

Being the first episode it did have to come out of the gates running but this is like lightening speed. And that’s the great thing about The Walking Dead. It’s not only intense, it’s personal. I’ve read a few people complaining about how this is about the people and not the zombies but it’s the people that bring this to another level. If zombies were just running around eating people we would get bored, and with good reason. Watching the same thing happen over and over IS boring even if it’s zombies eating people! I think the humanity of the show gives it so much more than we could ever expect when we’re talking about zombies.

And speaking of humanity it’s when Rick gets cornered and his horse is made to be a sacrifice that we really see that this is deadly serious. And by the way, I really, really, REALLY hate that part!

This episode gets a huge 5/5 from me. From the second it starts to the ending when Rick is cornered into the tank getting a call about how stupid he is. It’s just brilliant.

Comic Review:

Ok… now this is going to be a little tricky, but dang it, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want! The comic does not end at the same place as where the episode ends. So, I’ll just review this until Glenn talks to Rick when Rick is stuck in the tank.

Pretty much it’s straight forward. A little different but you can still feel the horror around every corner. Rick still goes and kills the zombie that is crawling on the ground, guts all hanging out and stuff. That poor girl must have really had a bad day at one point. But Rick humanely puts a bullet into her head, just as in the show.

What is really different about this is Morgan and Duane. He still gets knocked upside the head but they treat him completely different. I have to say, I prefer how it goes in the show but I understand both ways completely.

Great start to a zombie phenomenon!

Next Monday, Jan 7th: Guts! Yummy!!

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead?


  1. I like the comic its brilliant but I definitely prefer the progression of the story in the TV series over the comic though I do like how in the comic we get to see more of Glenn. Great reviews!

    1. Thank you!! I agree, the show somehow adds more character. I die over it!

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