Zombie Mondays: 2:7 Pretty Much Dead Already

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Show Review: 2:7 Pretty Much Dead Already

***Please do not read if you have not seen the show! There will be spoilers!!***

As if there isn’t enough drama going around, Glenn tells the group that the barn is full of walkers. You know Shane is going to go all ballistic. The very next scene Shane is already freaking the hell out.

We also have Darryl and Shane getting into it over Sophia. Drama, drama, drama!!!

But, if I saw my daughter turn into a zombie, I wonder how I would react? Probably not like Shane. I mean, it’s just a guess since we don’t have zombies around yet, except maybe in Florida, but not here, so … what would you do?

But that’s not the most dramatic part… so much happens during this and at the end… Shane decides to take it upon himself to open up the barn and take his aggressions out on every zombie that walks out. Every zombie until they see Sophia.

The day was beautiful, with the sun reigning down, as each looked towards the barn, Carol running towards her little girl with tears streaming down her face. Darryl grabs Carol as she falls to the ground, screaming out Sophia’s name. Carl and Lori are also devastated, and Lori tries once again to shelter him from this horrible world that they find themselves in.

Everyone stands still.

Except for Rick.

Rick pulls his gun out of the holster and you can see his demeanor change. No more Mr. Nice Guy. He has taken too much bullshit from too many, for far too long, and now he has to do what a leader would have to do. Put a bullet into someone they love, into the one person they have all been searching for. As he lifts the gun Sophie shambles to him, but no words come out of her mouth, and no sense can be seen in her newly undead eyes.

Rick pulls the trigger and puts that bullet into her brain.


Next week! 2:8

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