Zombie Mondays: 2:3 Save the Last One

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Show Review: 2:3 Save the Last One

***Please do not read if you have not seen the show! There will be spoilers!!***

Repeat after me, There is no crying in zombie shows, There is no crying in zombie shows…

I had to keep telling myself that as I waited to see if Carl would survive the gunshot. And after such a beautiful moment in all this craziness. He watches as the deer slowly turns its head and then …


I mean, damn it!!! Kids shouldn’t be hurt and neither should pets by the way! But we’re talking The Walking Dead, where nobody is safe.

And that is apparent more than ever when Shane decides to shoot Otis in the leg to slow him down. And if that isn’t enough, watches while the zombies eat him… Really Shane? Really?! I almost, sort of, kinda, was maybe starting to like you. Sort of… and then you pull that! And then he takes a shower and shaves as if that will clear his guilty conscience.

Boy… Now, sadly off topic of the zombies but on the topic of evil people… I watched an intriguing show about an experiment done in the 70’s. When people were put in control of their environment and people around them, they would do crazy things. Things they would never have done in the real world. I want to believe this about Shane. First you have the situation with Lori, was he in love with her before this outbreak? I want to say no and that the pressure of thinking they lost Rick got to the both of them. Add in zombies and anyone would get messed up right? And then add in the fact that he already feels superior. Equation for evil.

I find that very interesting… scary, but interesting. And in taking that equation, I look at myself and wonder, would I do what Shane did to save myself? Would you?

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