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Book Review: Grim by Joseph Spencer

Review: Grim Series: Sons of Darkness Author: Joseph Spencer Release Date: Published September 1st 2012 by Damnation Books Rating: 5/5 Synopsis: When everything is taken from him, Detective Adam White must choose what’s most important. Does he stick to the heroic ideals which made him a famed paragon of justice and take down a murderous […]

Book Review: Alaina Claiborne by MK McClintock

Review: Alaina Claiborne Series: A British Agent Novel Author: MK McClintock Release Date: January 7th, 2013 Genre: Historical Romance Formats: Paperback and Kindle Publisher: Trappers Peak Publishing Rating: 4.5/5 Press Release: Html Version Press Release: Pdf Version Synopsis: “How far would you go to avenge your family and save the one you love? […]

Series Review: Alibi by Annie Miles; Isabel Eckersley, John Byrne, Sorrel Provola

Review: Alibi Series: Alibi the Series #1-4 Author: Annie Miles; Isabel Eckersley, John Byrne, Sorrel Provola No of Pages: 254 Release Date:  Published 2012 by Twist Literary Synopsis: ABIGAIL SHELTON IS DEAD Spring Valley’s golden girl is found floating face-down in her boyfriend’s pool, hands bound behind her back, head bleeding, drugs and alcohol in […]

Book Review: Moonlight and Oranges by Elise Stephens

Review: Moonlight & Oranges Series: — Author: Elise Stephens No of Pages:  220 Release Date: Published by Booktrope Editions Synopsis: “A timeless tale of young romance. Lorona Connelly is ready for a change from her carefully planned, bookish life. When sparks fly at a costume party, she embraces a chance for romance with the handsome […]

Happy Birthday Gus!! Book Review: The Wicked Wives by Gus Pelagatti

Happy Birthday to Mr. Gus Pelagatti!! May today and the year to come bring you much happiness, love and light! Review: The Wicked Wives Series: — Author: Gus Pelagatti No of Pages: 296 Release Date: Published July 1st 2008 by Mill City Press, Inc. Synopsis: “Wicked Wives” is based on the true story of the […]

Book Review: Bone Wires by Michael Shean

Review: Bone Wires Series: — Author: Michael Shean No of Pages: 380 Release Date: July 13th 2012 by Curiosity Quills Press Purchase: Amazon (Kindle) | Amazon (Print) | B&N (Nook & Print) | Books-A-Million Synopsis: In the wasteland of commercial culture that is future America, police are operated not by government but by private companies. […]

Curiosity Killed the Kat by Elizabeth Nelson

Review: Curiosity Killed the Kat Series: Katherine Flynn #1 Author: Elizabeth Nelson No of Pages: 120 Release Date: June 3rd 2012 by Bristlecone Books Synopsis: Katherine (“Kat”) thought she had the perfect marriage to International Lawyer Steven Flynn. Until he tried to kill her. Katherine was the perfect obedient wife. She would do anything for […]

Book Review: The Last Degree by Dina Rae

Review: The Last Degree Series: – Author: Dina Rae No of Pages: 304 Publication: July 1st 2012 by Amazon Synopsis: The Last Degree is a fictionalized account of how Freemasons and other secret societies set up the world for takeover. Ancient writings foretell a ‘Shining One’ who emerges as the world’s prophet. A murder of […]

Book Review: Twenty Nine and a Half Reasons by Denise Grover Swank

My review for the first Rose Gardener Mystery, Twenty Eight and a Half Wishes. Review: Twenty Nine and a Half Reasons Series: A Rose Gardner Mystery #2 Author: Denise Grover Swank No of Pages: Ebook Release Date: Published June 29th 2012 Synopsis: When Rose reports for Fenton County jury duty she figures she’s lucky to […]

Book Review: Twenty Eight and a Half Wishes

Review: Twenty Eight and a Half Wishes Series: A Rose Gardner Mystery #1 Author: Denise Grover Swank No of Pages: 376 Release Date: Published March 19th 2012 Publisher: Createspace Amazon, Barnes & Noble Goodreads Synopsis: “It all started when I saw myself dead.” For Rose Gardner, working at the DMV on a Friday afternoon is […]

Book Review: Dangerous to Know by Tasha Alexander

Review: Dangerous to Know Series: Halo Series Author: Tasha Alexander No of Pages: 306 Release Date: October 26, 2010 Synopsis: Set in the lush countryside of Normandy, France, this new novel of suspense featuring Lady Emily Hargreaves is filled with intrigue, romance, mysterious deaths, and madness. Returning from her honeymoon with Colin Hargreaves and a […]