Zombie Mondays: 2:6 Secrets

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Show Review: 2:6 Secrets

***Please do not read if you have not seen the show! There will be spoilers!!***

So, I’m watching this episode and I can’t help but compare who these people are with who they become in season three. There are soooo many changes!

When Shane mentions Andrea’s sister, Andrea gives him a look that could kill. The Andrea of season three is so freaking tough that there is no way that would bother her. She is too hard now.

Hershel also looks so different, and I’m not talking about his leg. This Hershel doesn’t even realize he’s in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Hang up the phone Hershel, life is not like it once was.

Glenn saves Maggie from a very hungry zombie and you get a really good glimpse of who he is to become.

And Lori! Oh my god… Lori. I like Lori but man… she gets all over Rick for not telling her something and she’s hiding the fact that she is pregnant!!! Needless to say, this episode is an interesting one. I can really see the way these people are changing and I think that is what really intrigues me so much about this show. Sure the zombies are awesome and scary, but this is all about psychology! It’s about watching normal people go through a literal version of hell and their reactions to that hell. It’s amazing, and yes, it truly is scary, but I love every minute of it!!!

And this is also the episode where Lori tells Rick that her and Shane… I’d love to be in either of their brains at that point! Talk about drama!!! And more to come.

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