Zombie Mondays: 1:4 Vatos

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Show Review: Vatos, Episode 4

***Please do not read if you have not seen the show! There will be spoilers!!***

So, this one starts off with a guy feverishly digging holes. All I could think was What the Hell? And apparently that is what most of the camp was thinking too. Everyone’s concerned about zombies and now we have to worry about psycho people too. I mean I guess we already knew we’d have to worry about weird people right? But you would hope they wouldn’t be IN your camp.

I think this may be the first episode where we see that Rick has some real strengths that are going to be an asset to his group. Instead of going after Glenn with guns blazing, he thinks about the situation and does the smart thing. Probably saving quite a few lives. And this is why I really like Rick. He’s a no none-sense kind of guy. He doesn’t run into a situation half cocked, he assesses. I find that so sexy!!

But all hell is about to break loose when some walkers decide to have a feast on the camp. Fortunately Rick is there to save the day but not after a few people die.

This just reminds us, it’s a hazardous world out there. Dangers lurk behind every shadow. And this is one reason I absolutely LOVE this show! Sad about Amy dying though…

Comic Review:

Just like in the series zombies swarm the camp however the biggest difference is that people were learning how to use guns prior to this. Even Carl. I think that’s smart. He’s young, sure, but this is a dog eat dog kind of world where you don’t want your kid to be unprepared for the smallest, or biggest thing! There are casualties of course, Lori can’t use a gun and Jim is bitten but the harshness and reality of the situation is staring us in the face!

Love it!!

Next week! 1:5 Wildfire




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