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Review: Evil Dead The Remake

She said: Rating: 8/10 Scare Factor: 7/10 Gore: 9/10 Wet level: 10/10 Death Factor: 10/10 Acting: 6/10 Plot: 7/10 So!!! I talked the hubby into seeing yet another scary movie this year! Evil Dead!!! We have a pact, because I’m a bit of a horror fan, that he will take me to ONE horror film […]

He said / She said: This Dark Earth

My hubby and I don’t always read the same stuff. His taste is weird! He probably says the same about my horror/zombie/vampire obsessions! But when we do read the same books it’s great to be able to talk about what we both like and dislike, our favorite characters, etc. That’s what He said / She […]

He said / She said : Salem’s Lot

Today we take on Salem’s Lot! Many people have opinions about older stories. And although this one isn’t THAT old it’s one that a lot of Stephen King fans swear by. So the hubster and I took a look. He said / She said Salem’s Lot by Stephen King: He says: Cover:  The first cover is […]

He said / She said: Patient Zero

So, after getting my arm twisted for quite some time I finally decided to break down and read Patient Zero. Not my normal type of book but what could happen, maybe I won’t like it, big deal. The Patient zero full review, if you’re interested. But this was basically how He said / She said […]