Zombie Mondays: 2:2 Bloodletting

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Show Review: 2:2 Bloodletting

***Please do not read if you have not seen the show! There will be spoilers!!***

We’re about to talk zombies but first, don’t miss out on the zombie giveaway of Undead by Kirsty Mckay!

Ohhh… season two! I think season one just left us waiting for more. Just whet our appetite and teased us and left us wondering what we should prepare for in season two. Who knew it was going to be this intense?

Ok, really? Why do they have to mess with kids?! Carl and Sophie! This is crazy. I can’t handle when people write about something happening to kids and animals. I’m an empathetic person and it just kills me to see them hurting so when Carl gets shot I felt like my heart was being torn apart. Rick handles this the best he can with blood from his son all over his shirt. It’s a horrible thing to not know if BOTH children are going to live through this season.

The good of all of this, we meet Hershel and his group.

And at the end of this epic (yet another one) show, Shane and Otis are locked in a school with walkers everywhere and they know now that there is fresh meat with them!

Ok, so I’m a bit of a nerd so Talking Dead is fabulous to me and this episode Felicia Day was on!

The question for this episode was:

You’re traveling with a small band of survivors. A woman in your group shows up with a mysteries scratch on her arm. What would you do?

  1. Keep your distance and kill her if she turns.
  2. Tie her up and leave.
  3. Clean the wound and give her painkillers.
  4. Offer help but keep her away from your family.

This Saturday!!!

Giveaway of the best of zombie stuff for my one year blogiversary!! Get ready!

Next week! 2:3 Save the Last One

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  1. Tiffany M · · Reply

    I think I may be ahead of you for some reason…. To answer the question: at the point where there is next to no people left I would let them tag long but be watching them hard core. Would also keep them the heck away from any younger people in the group!!

    1. I was on vacation and had to skip a couple of weeks. Getting back on track though! 😀

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  3. […] Walking Dead 2:2 Bloodletting (Zombie Monday) […]

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