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Pitter Patter

Sunshine is just a ray of words Unless you stand outside Rain is just a pitter patter Unless you have ever cried And if you have my friend You know how it feels to lose someone you love To understand never again will you feel their hugs To realize the pain inside Will never again […]

Past, Present and Future

Gently gliding on the water’s edge A painted reflection follows in my stead Distorted and constantly changing The thick glass is ever rearranging Though the pictures are similar They are not the same Both are unique But neither is plain Unclear before the path ahead Knowing now where I want to be lead


At the edge of the darkness I hear it Whispering Is it your nectarous voice or just my fancy I want you here, we both know that but I’m desolate with only my tears as companionship and the susurration continues, growing more vehement by the second, no longer thinking it’s your voice, I grow frightened […]

A Silent Search

Up on a mountain you reside you don’t mind only wind by your side your standards are uncompromising and high yet you wait for someone good enough for the climb. Staring into the sunset everyday hoping for the one who will want to pay to freely give their heart away someone you believe in, someone […]