Rating System

Icon usage:

I have simplified my icons, plus those of you that know me also know that I have a tad bit (yes just a TAD) of OCD. So having icons that don’t match my site always bothered me. Don’t ask me why, just go with it. So now… without further ado, simplified MATCHING genre banners for your viewing pleasure. These little banners will be on the top of each review.

If you do not see your genre here do not fret! I love to read just about everything. Anything horror, dystopian, apocalyptic, but I also love paranormal romance and the random non-fiction thrown in for fun! More on my Review Policy.

Exclamation Rating:

A lot of people do not like exclamation points. I’m really not sure why exactly people do not like them because I think they are beautiful. My all time favorite author has mentions quite a few times that multiple question marks are the mark of a not so stable mind. I’m ok with that though. 😉

My personal rating meanings:

  • 5- This is one of my new favorites!
  • 4-Not an ohmygodthisisawesome favorite but I will definitely read again and recommend.
  • 3- Good book that I didn’t feel like I had to trudge through to get to the ending. Kept me interested but still missing something.
  • 2- Not quite bad but not quite good either. I like something but not enough to really have a great time reading.
  • 1- Trudged to the ending. A lot of this isn’t resonating with me.
  • 1/2 – Half an exclamation point will be used when a book doesn’t quite fit in the categories above or below.

The actual rating itself will always be at the bottom of my review.

Rarely will I DNF (do/did not finish) a book. Especially if you have sent your book to me for a review. However, if it really is not my cup of tea then I may let you know that I’m struggling. If a book doesn’t work for me it’s review rating will be diminished and none of us want that. It’s better to be up front and communicative.

How I rate books is entirely up to how I feel. I’m not paid to give my opinion (ohhh wouldn’t that be fantastic). I just read and write what I think about each book. Everyone does it a little different but these are my top 10 things that help me rate a book.

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