The Walking Dead Marathon! Mondays!

Walking Dead Mondays!

TWD-Seryniti bannerDoneAs of Dec 31st I’m going to go over each episode starting with Season 1, Episode 1, Days Gone By and start reading the comic and comparing it to how the show is progressing. Plus I’m a HUGE fan of Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick so I’ll probably get into a bit of what he says on each episode as well! I plan to get the comics and review two each week, comparing to the differences in the show as well as talking about each episode. Now I know the comics are very different from the show and I may need to make this two posts and venture off to comic and television, but for now it’ll be one huge zombiefest! So far there are 27 episodes. If we take one episode a week this would put us at an end date of June 24th and long prepared for Season 4 by next fall!

Now, here’s the thing… There’s one thing I absolutely hate about reviews with spoilers, THE spoilers! So I have to warn everyone, this will include reviews on each episode and then each comic, so if you have not watched the show or have yet to read the comic, please be warned!

The main goal here is to go back to the beginning with the inception of 2013! 2013 needs to come in with a BANG! And how else better to do this than to start with zombies? Everything zombies! Interviews with authors that write fabulous zombie books, giveaways, reviews, guest posts and more!! So, you see although this is hugely about The Walking Dead this is more about the zombies and why we love them and love to hate them. Or hate to love them?? Something like that.

Until Dec 31st, every Monday will be Zombie Monday! Just to get you excited!!! Even after we start talking Walking Dead I still want to bring to you anything and everything about zombies.

Starting December 31st AMC is doing a Walking Dead Marathon!!

AND Season three comes back to us February 10th!! And if that isn’t good enough, Talking Dead is going to a FULL Hour! Our Christmas wishes have been granted!

Want to join in on the fun?

Bloggers: Have a good book you’ve read that is all about zombies? Favorite movie? Character? Don’t mind doing a zombie interview?

Authors: Want to promote your zombie story, do an interview or a guest post?

Please email me and let me know so we can support you during this zombieblogpocalypse! Myseryniti (at) live (dot) com.

Also! Are you updated on the episodes and want to know about Season 3 NOW?  Check out Trina’s Walking Dead Blognation!






  1. Sounds fun! I’ve only read the first edition of the comics awhile back, but would love the comparisons. Ha, I love The Talking Dead too.

    1. Isn’t Chris Hardwick hilarious?! I missed his stand up special 😦 I’m not sure if it just didn’t come on or I missed the timing or something.. I’ll have to look it up later.

      I can’t wait to read the comics! I keep hearing they are so different so we’ll see how the comparisons go. Should be fun!

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