Zombie Mondays: 1:5 Wildfire

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Show Review: Wildfire, Episode 5

***Please do not read if you have not seen the show! There will be spoilers!!***

As we get closer to that fabulous date of Feb 10th, I get more and more excited! Each episode helps me to remember why I love this group of people so very much. They have lost, loved, learned, survived. They are the epitome of what life would be like if there really was a zombopocalypse. It would be horrifying, each and every gruesome minute of it. I forget, while I sit here on my comfy couch, eating popcorn that they don’t have the luxuries of turning on the air conditioner, or grabbing a bite to eat when they are hungry. This is one thing that has led me to love this show even more and as the intensity grows so does my fear for this group that I’m getting to know all over again.

There was a post about what Kirkman has done for zombies and how it differs from what Romero gave us. What I say is, it doesn’t matter who does what, what matters is if we FEEL the art they have created and I can say, I feel every minute of this just as I did when I first watched Night of the Living Dead. IN other words, this rocks and I enjoy every minute of it. Especially since I’m not really living it. I like my comfy couch and my comfy living room and especially my fridge! 😉

Sadly, the comic is way different than I thought so I decided to make a monthly review for the comic instead of every episode. Sad but true!

Now for the show’s review:

This episode was pulling at my heart strings. If you forget many died, including Andrea’s sister, during the last zombie attack. It was indeed, horrible. Rick is trying to warn Morgan and his son and I just have to ask myself, what more can these guys go through? And Carol, who had been through so much already, puts a pickaxe into her dead husband’s head. I gotta say, I cheered a bit at that part!! and then they decide to head to the CDC just to be shunned.

You know, again you have to think. What would I do in this case? Would you support a group of people that obviously need help? Or would you leave them and basically throw them to the zombies? You can see Rick loose it again a little bit here, but I would have too!

This episode really had me thinking, but I still ate my popcorn while I watched! Sooo… what would you do?

Next week! 1:6 TS-19




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