Zombie Mondays: 2:1 What Lies Ahead

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Show Review: 2:1 What Lies Ahead

***Please do not read if you have not seen the show! There will be spoilers!!***

What more can this group go through? Rick’s heart was set on Atlanta and it was a total bust. Not only that but people have died, the CDC has just been blown up,what happens next? Can they survive anymore crap being thrown at them?

What I love about this episode is Andrea’s breaking out. I know it’s just cleaning a gun but it is the idea that she is getting used to the movement of it. She doesn’t want to be a weakling as survival of the fittest is definitely the name of the game now. They can’t just rely on the strongest in the group, they have to start finding something within themselves to continue and protect. This is when  Andrea starts.

My favorite part of this particular episode is the gutting of the zom. I mean, wow. That’s just intense!! Sadly though, Sophie is missing and they have yet to find her. The feeling in the group is palpable as they are starting to lose what little faith they have for surviving this apocalypse.

I think this is a perfect beginning to season two. It’s massively series, we see a series amount of zombies and really get to see how stupid they are. But even so, they are still deadly, especially in groups. I loved season one but season two is looking up!!

Next week! 2:2 Bloodletting

What do you think of season two?

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