Zombie Mondays: 1:6 TS:19

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Show Review: TS-19, Episode 6

***Please do not read if you have not seen the show! There will be spoilers!!***

Can you believe there were ONLY six episodes to season one!? I mean really! Was this just meant to whet our appetite? Well, whether it was or not, that’s exactly what it did!

In this episode we really see the humanity behind decisions. Andrea wants to die, Shane is still in love with Lori and claims he really thought Rick was dead. Lori is pissed at Shane and wants to try again with Rick. It’s an emotional roller coaster. What more can these people go through? And they find out how the virus works. Not what started it or what’s going to end it though. And if there is nothing to believe in at the CDC then where do you turn next? It seems like there is no hope.

This episode ended with the explosion of the CDC. It’s horrific and yet still somehow amazing. These people are getting into my heart already and I feel for them more and more each episode.

For those of you that have seen parts of Season 3: It’s very ominous that Jenner tells Rick that he may not be grateful that they lived one day. Staying in that building while it blew up was the easy way out…

Next week! 2:1 What Lies Ahead

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  1. Christy @ Love of Books · · Reply

    You know what annoyed me about when they were in Atlanta? Why didn’t they snag a newer RV? I’m sure there were plenty. Instead of having to keep repairing the old piece of crap. That really bothered me.

    Sunday! This week can’t go by fast enough!

    1. You’re totally right. I didn’t even think about that! Apparently, neither did they! You would think that they would want the best vehicle… there had to be something better somewhere.

      I’m sad because I will not have cable while I’m on vacation. No zombies for me for an entire week! Sad face!

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  3. […] 1:6 Ts-19 (Zombie Mondays) […]

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