Operation TBR Reduction

Starting soon!!!

Operation TBR Reduction Button

The Details:
*Everyone is invited to participate. Bloggers can grab my button and make a post declaring yourself part of the project. Non-bloggers can leave comments on update posts or even have a shelf on GoodReads or another book networking site for books read for the Operation:TBR Reduction.
*I will start May 1st. If you decide to participate it is not required that you do so every month. While I am deadly serious about this, it doesn’t have to be for you! :)
*Sign up using the linky below and I’ll come and cheer you on.
*To be clear this is not a book buying ban.

My Personal Rules:
*Read more books than I bring in per month. No excuses, no justifications, no wheedling. Just reading.
*ALL books (with the exception of library books, they’ll just cancel themselves out) count towards my numbers. This includes review requests, trades, purchases, etc., etc.
*In an effort to help myself I’m only going to use my Paperbackswap credits for my Wishlist books and when I go to a used bookstore I cannot leave with more books than I brought in. (If I take in nothing, 3 is the limit.)

How I’m Going to Track:
I’ll list books received that month, books read that month and how much my TBR has been reduced by. Example:

Books received: 2
Book A
Book B

Books read: 5
Book C
Book D
Book E
Book F
Book G

Thank you to Once Upon a Chapter for this! What an amazing idea ❤


  1. Well thank you! I hope it works out for you! I hope it works for you. I’m actually rebooting my personal one today. I did not do a very good job in the first few months. Lol.

    1. I’m starting this month so we’ll see! The idea is fabulous though and definitely something I need to put to some serious use. And it will make my hubby happy. I spend a LOT of money on books and then they collect dust, the poor things!

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