Daily Archives: July 19, 2012

Read it & Pass it on (July)

This month I got the pleasure of reading Soulless. A fabulous historical, paranormal romance with a touch of mystery. If you enjoy Steampunk with a strong heroine, class and some humor this is definitely the book for you! And honestly, I would not be giving this away but I am already planning on getting the […]

Random Reads (July)

Full description on Random Reads. So, I decided to go ahead and get this started. I updated my Goodreads list with every book that I actually own, not one book that I don’t so I will not bring new books into the house! Which helps my Operation TBR Reduction! Using the books I have in […]

Book Chat Thursday

Next week: 2012 is half over.  So what have been your favorite books of the year so far.  Or just share what you’ve read so far this year. — Sweet Green Tangerine The Book Thief. Hands down, winner! This book brings out all kinds of emotion. First it’s about a young girl growing up during […]