Daily Archives: July 10, 2012

Operation TBR Reduction

Starting soon!!! The Details: *Everyone is invited to participate. Bloggers can grab my button and make a post declaring yourself part of the project. Non-bloggers can leave comments on update posts or even have a shelf on GoodReads or another book networking site for books read for the Operation:TBR Reduction. *I will start May 1st. […]

Read it & Pass it on!

I came across this idea at Once Upon a Chapter. and Lovin’ & Livin’ Life Reviews. What is Read It Then Pass It Program? It is when you giveaway your gently (or not so) read books to others so that they can enjoy them too! Remember Used Books Need Love Too! So!! Each month I […]

Random Reads

***Starting soon!!*** Basically it’s a meme where we pick a random book from our shelf to read. I’m on Goodreads so I’m using a combination of the sorting feature and Random.org to pick the book I’m going to read. I explain more how to do it in my first Random Reads postso check that out. […]

Once Upon a Read a Thon Updates

In the beginning, there was a Read a Thon! Day 3: Theme for today? Awake and ready to finish a book! Update Three: Felt really good about this read a thon! I was kind of iffy on what I was going to read and I think that hindered my reading process a bit. I should […]