Book Review: Red Dawn by JJ Bonds

  • Review: Red Dawn
  • Series: Crossroads Academy #2
  • Author: JJ Bonds
  • No of Pages: 282
  • Publication: August 28th 2012


Katia’s done running. She’s fought fiercely to protect her identity, her secrets, and those she loves most. And while it hasn’t been easy, she’s finally making peace with the past. Katia’s even looking forward to the start of a new school year at Crossroads Academy.

Too bad things at Crossroads are going to be a little different this fall. There are new rules, new students, and new relationships. Katia quickly discovers that navigating the halls of Crossroads is as complicated as ever.

When a friend’s life is at stake, Katia will be forced to choose between the safety of Crossroads and an enemy more dangerous than any she’s ever faced. Will Katia have the courage to risk it all -including her life- for a friend?

Before I get on with My thoughts I wanted you guys to know there’s a huge blog tour going on right now! JJ Bonds is giving away some awesome stuff! More info after the review!

My Thoughts:

Before I get into anything else.. What is up with Pratt? That guy is a complete jackass. I just want to be Katia so I can smack that guy! Ugh…

Secondly, if you have not read Crossroads, Crossroads Academy #1 there are going to be a few spoilers so you can see my Crossroads Book review first but I recommend reading the first before reading this review. There will not be any spoilers in this regarding book two however!

Ok… moving along! I love Katia. Boy can she be catty sometimes. And she is so ridiculously teenage! Weren’t we all at some point? Didn’t we all make mistakes, maybe not to this extent but we all did. And that’s what I love about real characters. She acts like a teenager. She jumps before she thinks and sometimes that does wonders for her, other times, well we’ll just say not so much. But she is who she is and doesn’t ask anyone to understand her. Love it!

“Learning to control your abilities takes practice and patience.”

“Well, that settles it,” I say, jumping up from my chair. “I’m screwed.”

Anya ignores my sarcasm and points at the chair I’ve just evacuated. I sigh loudly and make a big show of sitting down again. It was worth a shot. Anya does her best to not encourage my obnoxious behavior, but I can tell she’s amused.

And another of my favorites, again with Anya.

“You know, if you’re going to act like a drill sergeant, you might want to invest in a pari of combat boots,” I tell her, picking the goblet up by its stem. “The zebra print stilettos are a little misleading.”

“Trade in my Jimmy Choos?” she asks, looking horrified. “Never!” She quickly pulls the coveted shoes back under the desk as if I’m going to snatch them right off her feet like Dorothy and the ruby red slippers.

Sadly we didn’t see much of Anya in this book, but we do get to see more of Nik. Actually, he does take his shirt off a few times and although this has some romance in it, they are teenagers so nothing goes so far that you wouldn’t want your teenage daughter reading. If they can work through their problems they’ll make a good couple and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of these two together, although I love it when they’re sparring more than when they’re making out. That’s just me though.

The plot, much like Crossroads was fast, very easy to read, not a lot of twists and turns but enough excitement to keep you holding on to your seat. The pacing is remarkable. The only downside to this one is that there wasn’t much of a learning curve for Katia. I think she needs a few more lessons under her belt, but then again she is still a teenager! She handles herself very well, even with the predicaments she continuously gets herself and her friends into!

I feel my internal bitch-o-meter ratcheting up a notch. Like it or not, it’s no secret that I can go from zero to stark-raving-bitch in about a tenth of a second when provoked.

I’m also really looking for more of Blaine. I like that guy!! I’m starting to like him more than Nik honestly. Maybe I’m just being weird, but it’s true. Yes, he’s a jerk to Katia, but there’s just something about him! JJ, please give us more Blaine!

Ok seriously. Just like the first, this book was a great read. I enjoyed it immensely. I love the way JJ Bonds writes, you can follow it and know where these characters are going. It’s great fun and I can NOT wait for the third! And that’s the only small spoiler I’ll give. This ends on yet another cliff hanger! Gotta love it though.

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