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YAY for May!

There are a couple of things that I just love about May… Most of them have to do with sitting out and reading, drinking coffee, basking in the sun and feeling the spring weather on my skin. Ahhh fabulous! And who knew zombies would be involved!? Can life get any better? I think not! The […]

Updates on the Read-a-thon!!!

  Hour Eleven!! Get up and Dance! Hour Ten and I’m done with cheering (FOR NOW!) Back to reading, and on my “current” to read list is … http://www.goodreads.com/images/widget/widget2.swf Novareylin’s bookshelf: currently-reading More of Novareylin’s books » //   Hour EIGHT guys!! I just got home from lunch with the hubby and plan to dive […]

Harry Potter — Pottermore

Ok, over the past few years I have to admit I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the books and watching the subsequent movies of Harry Potter. I also must admit I have rewatched and rewatched these movies over and over until I quite literally can quote the entire series! And now the one thing we have […]