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Promo! Change of Season by A.C. Dillon

Promo: Change of Season Series: – Author: A. C. Dillon No of Pages: Ebook Release Date:  Published June 3rd 2012 Synopsis: “Ten months. Two hundred and ninety-nine days. Seven thousand, one hundred and seventy-six hours. Four hundred and thirty thousand, five hundred and sixty minutes. Perhaps not as melodic as Larson’s rock musical anthem, but […]

Promo! The Betrayal by Sheila Hendrix

Young Adult Paranormal Title: The Betrayal – (The Dark Circle Book #1) Author – Sheila Hendrix Date Published: October 6th 2010 Synopsis: When Zachariah and Matthew McCannon were young, their parents abandoned them, leaving Zack to take care of his little brother, Matt. Though they lived with their grandmother, she was always sick, so Zack […]

Promo! The Dilemma by Jacquie Johnson

Romantic Suspense Title: Dilemma Author – Jacquie Johnson Date Published: 7/22/12 Synopsis: In Chicago, the name Jon Elliott garners attention. When the legal mastermind offers to mentor Alexis Winters, Bingham, Elliott and Bright’s newest associate, she jumps at the opportunity sure this will launch her career. But Jon has a dark side, one that demands […]