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Ugly Feelings

Sometimes I can’t explain what my heart years to scream Seemingly happy then anger rises and steams I don’t know how to say I love you I don’t know how to tell you to go away I need to be alone but I want you to stay I wish I could make it clear I […]

Your control

When I thought of life is this what I imagined I wanted to be a doctor, a scientist, not stuck without a friend my goals were so farfetched maybe they would have never come but at least more than this, a reason to live, some thing to keep me going, maybe someone. Day in and […]

I blame myself

The words coming out of your mouth articulate love but your actions say so much more, squeezing the breath from me like a rigid glove. There is so much silence and secrecy now between us, deafening and so now is your voice after our disputes, my eyes threatening Over and over and over again you […]