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Away Now, Away

Breaking under the tone She ra, left to be alone Away, from all she ever called home Sitting in solitude, chilled to the bone. Isolated here, Nobody, anywhere Completely still, raised skin bare Wishing simply for someone to care For lonely she sits, Scared. Tears stream as she cries Washing away, All of the lies […]

A Darkness Neglected

I yearned for you when every cell was dark and grim I pleaded with every fiber that had lost all hope And, you came. I was ignited like the flames of the afternoon sun And every piece of me ached to be near you. Still, you had to go And sadly so soon. You inched […]

Death of My Creation

Your machine is powerful Certainly a work of art Remembered by all those who see you as soon as the magic starts Majestic colors and vivid hues Catching even the most distracted eyes Placing each on you Your strong enough to soar And bold enough to fly Content enough to land on a flower nearby […]