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Away Now, Away

Breaking under the tone She ra, left to be alone Away, from all she ever called home Sitting in solitude, chilled to the bone. Isolated here, Nobody, anywhere Completely still, raised skin bare Wishing simply for someone to care For lonely she sits, Scared. Tears stream as she cries Washing away, All of the lies […]

GW2 Characters

The character creation process was actually pretty fun. Once you set up your character each race has it’s own set of questions, like if you would get out of a situation using charm, dignity or force and each of these questions determines your character story line in the game. The beginning cinematic is also different […]

A modern man

Full post here: A Modern Man But I just HAD to share the highlights. Amazing, insightful, take my breath away blog. YUM! It’s the love where I can’t sleep through the night, because I keep waking yourself up to make sure she’s still there and that I weren’t really dreaming… because it feels like a […]