Page 99 Test

Page 99 Test

I came across this very interesting page called The Page 99 Test. And I found it very intriguing. So I thought, why not do that here? We all read books, all the time. When picking up a book and you’re already attracted to the cover, the synopsis sounds ok but you’re still not sure if you want to actually get it. Turn to page 99. See if page 99 lures you in. If you like it, there is your answer! Pick up the book! If not, put the book down!

So, each week I will turn to page 99 of books that I want to buy and post it here. Hopefully there are a LOT of good page 99’s out there.

This week: Frankenstein, Lost Souls by Dean Koontz

In a world that would regard him as an outcast or as a sideshow freak, or even as a dangerous monster to be terminated with dispatch, he depended on her not only for his home and sustenance, but also for his happiness. In turn, she depended on his dependence. They were each others defense against loneliness, a mutant child and his two-hearted mother, unrelated except by the fact that they were products of Victor’s hubris, pledged to each other at first by necessity but now by mutual affection.– Page 99, Lost Souls

Being that I am a Dean Koontz fan I must admit I wanted to pick this book up straight away. But as I am also trying to watch my To be Read list and what I bring into the house, I wanted to do this test to ensure this was a good buy! And of course it is. Dean Koontz is masterful at pulling you into the book and making you stay in your chair, way past when you would normally go to bed. He is fabulous at writing books that leave you guessing and I am guessing this will be another of those. Very excited about this buy!


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