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Nobody’s tomorrow is guaranteed

Tomorrow is promised to no one I once heard someone say do I change my life, regret the choices that I’ve made? I wake wondering what I’m doing and who I’m doing it for because I have no idea what is going on depression descends like a tsunami choking, threatening my life but swimming isn’t […]

Sunny Winter

Seasons change, everything from sea to sky Rain falls through the leaves as the clock ticks through time. Cooler and cooler with each passing day The wind gains momentum and the trees dance and sway Awakening to a dim light I part the curtains with care My eyes focused onto a beautiful sight One so […]

Sun Rises

Rain falls upon me the sun rises courageous birds sing in the wind,   morning is so calm thoughts of you make me crazy smile on my face,   so in love with you your voice caresses my mind my soul is at peace.   Related articles Once More Around the Sun ( Shine Like […]


What is real these thoughts, emotions, craziness that I feel I see you even when you’re not here, smell you, hear your voice so in love with you, I didn’t have a choice the second I saw you, as they say, you swept me off of my feet even though in mystery we had to […]

Imaginary Reality

I’m jealous of her not even knowing if she’s real But somehow she has taken the heart I hoped to steal He talks insistently of her beauty and wit White I sit on the other side trying to get a grip My emotions are obvious, thank goodness he is unaware Or at least he pretends […]

Past, Present and Future

Gently gliding on the water’s edge A painted reflection follows in my stead Distorted and constantly changing The thick glass is ever rearranging Though the pictures are similar They are not the same Both are unique But neither is plain Unclear before the path ahead Knowing now where I want to be lead

I blame myself

The words coming out of your mouth articulate love but your actions say so much more, squeezing the breath from me like a rigid glove. There is so much silence and secrecy now between us, deafening and so now is your voice after our disputes, my eyes threatening Over and over and over again you […]

Death of My Creation

Your machine is powerful Certainly a work of art Remembered by all those who see you as soon as the magic starts Majestic colors and vivid hues Catching even the most distracted eyes Placing each on you Your strong enough to soar And bold enough to fly Content enough to land on a flower nearby […]

Torn to Pieces

rusted metal Ripped leather Hints of color shine in the sun She stops She snaps the shutter moves over the glass An old mustang Torn to pieces hanging by a thread hung dearly on the wall beside her bed A memory of a time A certain place Symbolically resembling her beaten face she hung it […]


I stopped working for your recognition stopped ordering your gaze to see It’s better that way, for you… for me It’s simpler, easier, and more stress free then, she returns, that girl so perfect always in your sight she makes you laugh and keeps you smiling through the night. You say she means no more […]

The Hunted

Quickly to start, keeping my pace Between life and death, the ultimate race Quiet in the beginning, no one around Slowly beginning to hear faint sounds Screams from afar, footsteps behind Slowly but surely losing my mind Stopping to listen They are closing in I begin to quicken my step From around the corner, a […]

The Hunters

The skin is loose and pulled from place skull, bones visible beneath their face eyes dark, set in an evil stare waiting, to give their prey a scare. Risen from the grave, searching for the one thing they crave growling, grunting, and bracing their teeth into flesh, they quickly seep. They could move slow or […]


Why does it seem like our love has so many ups and downs one minute you’re smiling, content, the next you seclude yourself, making me so despondent is begging what you want from me, pleading with you to give me attention something, anything to know that you’re really thinking of me not just words, they’re […]


in a state of unrest wanting to talk to you, to scream, to beat upon your chest is it all in my mind, these thoughts and feelings i know it’s me, not you you blame yourself, I blame myself, how will we ever get through I don’t know how to think, how to get out […]

My friend

Looking into your eyes, almost golden in the sunlight your lips parted slightly as you bend down, I’m amazed at the sight of you, of our first kiss, where you drug me to you, held me close my heart skips a beat, am I willing to disclose this feeling that I have already succumbed to […]

One day closer

I don’t count the days, they’re copious and the thought of them suffocates me aching to see you, missing the melody of your voice, all I want to do is see the same sky you are seeing, feel the rain that falls onto your face to be in the same place. Is it so much […]


At the edge of the darkness I hear it Whispering Is it your nectarous voice or just my fancy I want you here, we both know that but I’m desolate with only my tears as companionship and the susurration continues, growing more vehement by the second, no longer thinking it’s your voice, I grow frightened […]

Sealed with a kiss

In my dream you were so real, smiling at the sunshine, tilting your head so you can feel the rays upon your face, the lines manifesting from your smile but behind us, time is catching up so fast, soaring through the miles I see one blaze turn into a legion voices in my head, none […]

A Silent Search

Up on a mountain you reside you don’t mind only wind by your side your standards are uncompromising and high yet you wait for someone good enough for the climb. Staring into the sunset everyday hoping for the one who will want to pay to freely give their heart away someone you believe in, someone […]

To those I hate

Evisceration, Tearing me apart from the inside, begging to get out, Obliteration, I’ve tried to destroy this part of me but still it sought Annihilation, A revenge of sorts Destruction, hatred for all who did this to me, for them a deadly course. Aberration, seeking something, someone, anything to end my inner turmoil Fabrication, and […]