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Why does it seem like our love has so many ups and downs one minute you’re smiling, content, the next you seclude yourself, making me so despondent is begging what you want from me, pleading with you to give me attention something, anything to know that you’re really thinking of me not just words, they’re […]


in a state of unrest wanting to talk to you, to scream, to beat upon your chest is it all in my mind, these thoughts and feelings i know it’s me, not you you blame yourself, I blame myself, how will we ever get through I don’t know how to think, how to get out […]

To those I hate

Evisceration, Tearing me apart from the inside, begging to get out, Obliteration, I’ve tried to destroy this part of me but still it sought Annihilation, A revenge of sorts Destruction, hatred for all who did this to me, for them a deadly course. Aberration, seeking something, someone, anything to end my inner turmoil Fabrication, and […]

Eyes of water

You draw the clouds and rains of tears I see in your eyes a strengthening of fears your tired and weak and yearning for love Closed behind stone walls because of what they’ve done. You’re sick of being left behind and never being treated right so you’d rather be left alone but how do you […]

My Mistake

I am trying to understand what was your reason what was your plan? My anger is rushing just under the surface In your life did I even have a purpose The tears behind my eyes are ready to fall the questions are there and they are tearing me apart. I do not know why you […]