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Zombie Mondays: 1:4 Vatos

Show Review: Vatos, Episode 4 ***Please do not read if you have not seen the show! There will be spoilers!!*** So, this one starts off with a guy feverishly digging holes. All I could think was What the Hell? And apparently that is what most of the camp was thinking too. Everyone’s concerned about zombies […]

Zombie Mondays: 1:3 Tell it to the Frogs

Show Review: 1:3 Tell it to the Frogs ***Please do not read if you have not seen the show! There will be spoilers!!*** Whew!!! Ok, if you didn’t think that Guts was enough drama, then this one might do it for you. Less zombies, more personal action but still LOTS of drama to go around […]

Zombie Mondays #5: Guts! 1:2

Show Review: Guts, Episode 2 ***Please do not read if you have not seen the show! There will be spoilers!!*** Ahhh the poor horse!!! We start back in the tank, with Glenn trying to help Rick. In this episode we meet quite a few of the people we are going to learn to love. Wow […]

Zombie Mondays #4: Days Gone By 1:1

Show Review: Days Gone By, Episode 1 ***Please do not read if you have not seen the show! There will be spoilers!!*** Ohhh Walking Dead. How I love you… It surprises me that the group of survivors have gone through so much that I completely forgot where they started!  As I started rewatching episode one, […]

Zombie Mondays #4: Interview & Giveaway with Dana Fredsti!

Next Monday: The Walking Dead begins with Season one, Episode one, a review of the show and comic! Interview with Dana Fredsti! Guys and gals!! I have to say, Dana is freaking awesome. I mean if you can’t tell by her website, just think, this gal plays with swords, loves big cats and writes about […]

ZM #3 — Book Review: Plague Town by Dana Fredsti

Review: Plague Town Series: Ashley Parker #1 Author: Dana Fredsti No of Pages: 350 Release Date: Published April 3rd 2012 by Titan Books Rating: 5/5!!! Synopsis: Ashley was just trying to get through a tough day when the world turned upside down.  A terrifying virus appears, quickly becoming a pandemic that leaves its victims, not […]

Book Review: The Scourge by A.G. Henley

Review: The Scourge Series:  The Scourge #1 Author: A. G. Henley No of Pages: 242 Release Date: Published January 31st 2012 Rating: 5/5!!! Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Groundling, Fennel, is Sightless. She’s never been able to see her lush forest home, but she knows its secrets. She knows how the shadows shift when she passes under a […]

Zombie Monday #2 — Promo! Zombies of Byzantium by Sean Munger

Promo:  Zombies of Byzantium Series: – Author: Sean Munger No of Pages: 240 Expected publication: February 4th 2013 by Samhain Publishing Synopsis: The dead have been alive for centuries! It’s the 8th century A.D., and the Byzantine Empire has got problems. A ruthless schemer has just overthrown the emperor and taken the crown for himself. […]

Mondays All Zombies, All the time #1

You know, it started a while back for me. I’ve loved horror of all kinds, vampires were HUGE in the 80’s and of course everyone remembers them but zombies were too. Most of the movies back then were cheesy, yes but it was the good kind of cheesy. The kind that those that grew with […]

Sunday Post: 21st Edition

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer ~ ~ It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. This week was […]

The Walking Dead Marathon! Mondays!

Walking Dead Mondays! As of Dec 31st I’m going to go over each episode starting with Season 1, Episode 1, Days Gone By and start reading the comic and comparing it to how the show is progressing. Plus I’m a HUGE fan of Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick so I’ll probably get into a bit […]

Saturday Situation

Links to fabulous giveaways!? What… Want to join in? Visit the fabulous blogs below and post your links! There’s one for giveaways and one for posts. I know I’m definitely joining in. Get your giveaways and posts noticed!!! See full info below and enjoy… Happy Saturday everyone! It’s time for a new Saturday Situation, hosted […]

TBR Reduction (July) !!!

Rules for TBR! It’s July 15th and my first month doing this and I’m feeling the pressure. Firstly only 5 books read so far this month! I knew I was feeling a little behind, but no worries. High Summer Read a Thon starts tomorrow and I’m super excited to get another 4 (ish) read! Hopefully! […]

Operation TBR Reduction

Starting soon!!! The Details: *Everyone is invited to participate. Bloggers can grab my button and make a post declaring yourself part of the project. Non-bloggers can leave comments on update posts or even have a shelf on GoodReads or another book networking site for books read for the Operation:TBR Reduction. *I will start May 1st. […]