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Eyes of water

You draw the clouds and rains of tears I see in your eyes a strengthening of fears your tired and weak and yearning for love Closed behind stone walls because of what they’ve done. You’re sick of being left behind and never being treated right so you’d rather be left alone but how do you […]

My Mistake

I am trying to understand what was your reason what was your plan? My anger is rushing just under the surface In your life did I even have a purpose The tears behind my eyes are ready to fall the questions are there and they are tearing me apart. I do not know why you […]

Her home on the hill

She sits in quiet sunlight Valleys rush by her side, On top of a green hill Flowers as her guide. Alone is her love, only sun to keep her warm no worries of others letting her go. Flowers dance for her between blades of grass, Wind movies its petals as well as her dress. Her […]