Review: Evil Dead The Remake

He said / She said

She said:

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Scare Factor: 7/10
  • Gore: 9/10
  • Wet level: 10/10
  • Death Factor: 10/10
  • Acting: 6/10
  • Plot: 7/10

So!!! I talked the hubby into seeing yet another scary movie this year! Evil Dead!!! We have a pact, because I’m a bit of a horror fan, that he will take me to ONE horror film a year. Just one. One tiny horror film!! Needless to say, this is very depressing but at the same time, I get to choose which movie and every once in a while I also talk him into watching a horror movie at home, plus that home movie normally doesn’t count against the quota. THIS year however, I have been able to talk him into seeing quite a few horrors at home, like Sinister, Paranormal Activity 5, Slither, and the full series of The Exorcism! Now, this is a big deal for him, he just doesn’t like scary movies… so when Evil Dead starting showing their trailers, I just knew that I MUST talk him into going to see it. Although, it might take my quota for the year, but I really hope not because there are some interesting things coming out this year!!! YAY!

Now! I admit, I’m a huge Evil Dead fan. I’m also a Sam Raimi fan. Xena was in my must rewatch every year list for a while there. But Evil Dead had such a high level of horror for me. I mean, firstly I watched it when I was like 8, secondly, those evil voices FREAK me out!! I don’t like them! The make up and the gore were pretty interesting. Now I know for the most part it is pretty stupid, especially now, but I was still worried about the remake, with being such a huge fan and all.

But it was marvelous!

Now, when I say marvelous, I mean, awesome in that a lot that happened in Evil Dead actually happens here. You have the spooky ass cabin, the idiot who opens the book, the girl alone in the woods, etc…

To side track for a minute, why are people always alone in scary movies? WTH?! I mean seriously? You know you’re going to die if you are alone. But with demons, you not only die, they EAT YOUR SOUL. Note to self: Do not ever be alone. EVER. Especially if you’re in some creepy ass cabin in the middle of nowhere! Do NOT be alone in the woods!! HELLO!

Ok, sorry, sidetracked myself there… So, a lot of what made Evil Dead so awesome the first time around is in this Evil Dead. I thought that was fabulous. The gore was way, way up there but not like your SAW movies. More like the old 80’s slasher movies. As my husband likes to say, it was really wet. Wet and sticky. Lots of blood everywhere. And the way people die was pretty awesome. Seriously!!! I wish I could say more about this but I will just say, it really was good.

Sadly, the acting was subpar, ish… Not overly extreme or anything. I didn’t think, wow this people really suck, but the plot didn’t really lend for them to get Oscars or anything. The beginning of the movie was a little slow. Not the first five minutes, they tried to explain why the book was in the cabin, and then why these five people are in a strange cabin, but it felt a little forced. But other than that, this is definitely a GO SEE for horror fans!

He said:

  • Rating: 6/10
  • Scare Factor: 8/10
  • Gore: 10/10
  • Wet level: 10/10
  • Acting: 4/10
  • Plot: 5/10

As my husband says, It’s raining blood baby!

My favorite part of the movie was at the end, sadly no spoilers are allowed but you can tell enough was enough! The worst part, this has a LOT and I do mean a lot of needles. Why are people getting hurt with needles so much? They do leave enough to the imagination so you can really feel the pain, especially the needle part, ugh…

It did start off extremely slow, although the crap started going and it picked up speed, you knew all hell was going to break loose. And I was really surprised about the ending. The last thirty minutes was fantastic!!

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