Book Chat Thursday #7


The book chat is an ongoing blog series where we can all chat about books with prompts given weekly.  It is open to everyone, there are no obligations, and you can join in whenever! So basically this is how it works…

*Every Thursday we will post the answer to last weeks question and a new topic question will be given.

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That easy!  It can be a picture, summary, review or just gushing about the book.  Anything you want.   No obligations of course.

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Today: Favorite Dystopian Novel?

Ok, I’m cheating a little here… the true bookchat for today is what are you currently reading. BUT I’m stuck at the moment. I can’t pick anything up… I keep looking at Rot & Ruin and Alice in Zombieland but that’s as far as I’ve gotten with them… sadly!! I do need my zombies but I think I need a break too, SO! I’m going to use last year’s book chat instead!

My favorite Dystopian Novel:

Ohhhh….. this is such a hard one! Funnily enough, until last year, I had not even read Dystopian, much less knew that it would become one of my favorite genres of all time! The first book that came to mind is actually on my giveaway for my blogiversary, The Scourge by A.G. Henley! The ScourgeNot only did this book have zombies (YAY!!!) but it really has a sense of dystopia, these people are crazy! And some are crazy, like that kind of crazy where you really hope you never meet them, and then others are that kind of crazy that is so great that you know those are the people that are going to change the world.

And every dystopian novel needs a bit of both. If you can’t change the world then why are we reading it right? We don’t want to be mired in this existence, we want them to run free from the tyranny! Well, for the most part, I also like endings that come out of nowhere and the people wind up in a dark cellar and you know they are going to die… but that doesn’t belong in most dystopians.

The characters are just simply amazing! The main character… oh my god… how she goes through what she does! She’s amazing…

ColonizationAnother fabulous dystopian (I know this is my favorite but I can’t help adding just one more), Colonization by Aubrie Dionne.

Now this world is really interesting… And they are in space going to another world. Again, you have amazingly strong characters. A really good plot that I didn’t see coming. Really I could not figure out anything in this book! AND to top it all off like a cherry on top of a sundae, we have a romance budding! It was another really good read that just made my appetite whet! I loved it and can not wait for book two of this series!!



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