Sunday Post: 33rd Edition

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A post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.

Good and bad news! One year blogiversary is coming up! I plan on having a (what I think is!) great giveaway this Saturday!

And now the bad… It’s been such a hard week. I was able to get some reading in, but not much. Sadly, my hubby and I have a very difficult decision coming up. Our stray, who adopted us a little over a month ago, does not get along with the farm dog that runs around. They have gotten into quite a few fights and last night was the worst. Not only is our pup hurt but so was my hubby. Sadly, the catalyst to the situation is the new pup. The farm dog, who is a German Shepherd, gets along with our other three pups and walks around the farm with us without a problem. But this last fight was horrible. The hubby had to go in and get stitches across his forehead where the farm dog bit him. Around 50 total in his head and on his hand. Needless to say, this is one bad situation. This new pup is so adorable, he’s a sweetheart and he thinks that he’s protecting us. Every time the farm dog comes around he growls, snarls, barks, and bites. Everyone is saying that we should just get rid of him since the problem didn’t start until he showed up. I don’t want things to get worse but how do you just take a pup to the pound, knowing that he is going to die? He’s a Pit Bull with heart worms and is a bit over a year and a half so they would have to put him down. No questions. It’s an awful decision and one we really don’t want to make.

Thank goodness for books being able to take me away from all the craziness of the world! One reason I’ve always loved reading, it’s better than Calgon! And you can also take books into the bath with wine, even better. In response to the stress, I bought a few books that I’m really looking forward to.

So, hopefully everyone’s week was better than mine and we all get great books read this upcoming week. I have some awesome stuff planned and I’m really excited about it!

Recap of last week:

Upcoming this week:

  • (Zombie Monday)
  • Tainted Love by Eva Marquez (Series Review)
  • Cheers (The Rose Gold Collection) by Vallory Vance (Promo)
  • Demon Derby by Carrie Harris  (Cover Reveal)
  • Desert Flower by Angela Scott (Book Review)
  • Russian Dolls by Cristelle Comby (Promo!)
  • Impassion by BC Burgess (Book Review)
  • Deceived Part 3 Chloe’s Revenge by Eve Carter (Release Day Blitz)
  • Heart Like Mine by Amy Hatvany (Arc Review)
  • My One Year Blogiversary & Giveaway !!!

 Books I received or purchased:

  • There are Reasons Noah Packed No Clothes thanks to author Noah Jackoby
  • The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa thanks to Harlequin
  • Whistling in the Graveyard by Susan Crandall thanks to Gallery Books
  • Heart Like Mine by Amy Hatvany thanks to Washington Square Press
  • Achieve Your Wildest Dreams by Arthyr W. Chadbourne thanks to Intelligenesis Publications
  • The God Sized Dream by Holly Gerth – Bought
  • Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia – Bought

Around the Blogosphere:

How was your week?



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