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Recap of February!

Even with taking vacation I was able to get quite a bit read in February! I was really lucky with meeting some great authors and read a LOT of paranormal romance! Which is fabulous since I can never get enough! And guys, these romances were A MA ZING! I mean, seriously! I could pinch myself! It was almost sad to end the books, they were so good. But each new one that I picked up was fabulous too! I only had a couple of books that didn’t hit my spots and for a full 16 read, that is not too shabby!

Only downside to Feb? Not enough zombies!! But I’ll have to make up for that in March. 😀

I’m following Sci Fi & Fantasy Book Reviews idea because that wrap up was just amazing! Short, concise, to the point, and still entertaining! Simply marvelous darling!! ❤


The Best!!!!

Debbie Dee – The Last Witch 5/5

The Last WitchThe cover for this one is pretty cool but honestly I love stories about witches so I didn’t want to pass this one up. This starts off with Emmeline not knowing that she is a witch but even not knowing, she is powerful beyond belief. She accidentally kills two people that are trying to capture her! All before she even knows what is going on. I am amazed at how well Debbie Dee explains what is going on so that the plot doesn’t suffer or get bogged down. There is not one point in this story where I wondered why Debbie was writing the way she was. What I did wonder at was if there was going to be a book two because the ending is NOT a cliff hanger (for once!). And to my great relief I have learned that this is going to be a part of a trilogy! I can’t wait for book two. If it’s anything like this, it will be amazing!!

Nicky Wells – Sophie’s Run 5/5

Sophies_Run.inddAfter totally falling in love with Nicky’s writing and with Sophie, I just knew that book two was going to be absolutely amazing! It not only lived up to the first but was so good that I was in tears and begging Nicky to finish the third ASAP! And I really normally do NOT go for contemporary but Nicky has this way with her writing that makes even the normal stuff that we do every day look exciting and fun enough to read about!

This book was amazing!

Aubrie Dionne – Colonization 5/5

ColonizationSo, I don’t normally read Sci Fi but this is also a bit dystopian/apocalyptic sort of and I love the cover so I thought why not? The synopsis sounded really interesting and the idea that it also had a bit of romance totally did me in and I’m so glad. This was fabulous! The story grabs a hold of you and doesn’t let go. Like literally, I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. And I think that’s why I enjoy dystopian so much, because the way these people grew up is so very different from our world. You have to be a great author to create a completely new environment and Aubrie Dionne does that wonderfully!


The Great!

Alyssa Rose Ivy – The Crescent Chronicles 4.5/5

FocusHaving read Alyssa Rose Ivy’s work before I came into this knowing that I absolutely love her writing and curious about this paranormal romance. And with this being based in New Orleans, I just could not pass it up! But I wasn’t expecting such an alluring tale. I am biased to her writing and to paranormal romance but there was so much push and pull between the two main characters that just kept me turning those pages!

I absolutely loved both books and can not wait for the third!!

Rachel McClellan – Fractured Soul 4.5/5

Fractured SoulThis was another fabulous series! I gave the first, Fractured Light a 3.5 but the second book really sped things along and kept me at the edge of my seat. I loved the plot, it’s deeper, meatier than the first. Something you can really sink your teeth into! And you get to really find out more about the characters. The intensity was ratcheted up and kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next. Mostly because Llona is definitely someone that knows how to find trouble!

B.C. Burgess – Descension 4.5/5

descension coverNow this one really grabbed me by the throat. I wanted to read this because I love the cover but was a little wary because although it is paranormal, it is also a bit contemporary and I’m not a huge lover of contemporary. But this one FLEW by. As I said in my review, I was upset at my hubby for trying to talk to me when I was nearly done with the book. It was killing me!!! The second is just as good if not better than the first. The plot is fabulous, the characters are real, the magic is amazing! This is a must read!!


The Not So Great

Sylvia Hubbard – Mistaken Identity Part Deux

Love101MistakenIdentity2The synopsis to this one is as hot as the story itself but it just didn’t do it for me. The plot is there, it’s fun, sexy, interesting, but there was something missing. It was still a fast read and one that I did enjoy but there were aspects to the characters that I just didn’t understand. Plus the editing (I had the ebook version) was a bit off, and I do mean a bit. There were some places where I had to reread and I was totally taken out of the story. But the overall plot really was there and kept me wanting to get to the end without trudging through.


What were your favorites for Feb?



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  1. Glad you had such a good month. February was sort of a lackluster reading month for me. Here’s to March! 🙂

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