Sunday Post: 31st Edition

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What a fantastic week!!!


My daughter, or EJ Key as she is known here, was one of the main characters in a fabulous

play, She Who Stoops To Conquer. A lovely, and quite funny early 1800’s play. We got to sit in the balcony seats but I just had to get better pictures of her! There was one point where they are lost and she freaks out, yelling, crying, and wanting her son to save them. The entire audience was cracking up! IMAG0724

She also turned 21 on the 19th!! We celebrated by getting out and having dinner with some fabulous wine! She was so excited to drink at a restaurant. 😀

I also got to play with some horses, but didn’t get the chance to ride any. Which is probably a good thing since I’m deathly afraid of heights!


Now back to work! I was able to get some reading in and got to read another paranormal series! I’m already at 22 books so far this year, 1% behind my goal of 200 (so saids Goodreads). So, pretty much I’ve had a great year and I’m loving the authors I’ve been able to meet. Check out these great books for next week’s reviews!

Recap of last week:

Upcoming this week:

  • Zombie Mondays!
  • Fractured Soul by Rachel McClellan (Book Review)
  • The Last Witch (Book Review)
  • Impassion by B.C. Burgess (Book Review)


February Happenings:

Cambria Hebert

How was your week?



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  1. Happy Birthday to you daughter and congrats on the play being a success. Happy reading.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever’s Sunday Post

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