Sunday Post: 30th Edition

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Ok guys, by now I am on vacation, probably with no internet!! How will I survive?! With my baby Kindle! Lots of books are loaded onto that thing! Seriously… Although I do plan on getting out but apparently it’s going to be cold. I mean, how dare the weather mess with my vacation! I’m appalled. But even more reason to read, read, read!

I have to say, I don’t have much set this week since I have to post everything way ahead, due to vacation, but the books I did review for this week are simply amazing! I mean, I love paranormal romance but the ones I had the pleasure to read this week were wonderful! If you haven’t checked these books out yet and enjoy paranormal romance, please go now! They were fabulous and had me in tears, throwing the control at my hubby for talking to me when I had 4% left, and immediately going to Amazon to buy book two in the case of Descension. AND I would have done the same for the Crescent Chronicles if Alyssa Rose Ivy had book three out yet! Absolutely lovely and amazing authors and these books are to die for!

On a zombie note: Sadly, I will have to postpone Walking Dead Mondays until I get back BUT I still have some fun zombie stuff scheduled! If you’re a Walking Dead fan,what did you think of Sunday’s Mid Season Premiere?

Recap of last week:

Coming This Week:

  • Zombie Mondays: How to assemble your zombie First Aid Kit!
  • Bitter Angel by Megan Hand (Cover Reveal)
  • Focus (The Crescent Chronicles, #2) by Alyssa Rose Ivy (Series Review)
  • Descension (Mystic, #1) by B.C. Burgess (Review)


February Happenings:

Cambria Hebert



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  1. Christy @ Love of Books · · Reply

    Hope you’re have a fun vacation!!

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