Book Review: Master Cleanse Coach by Peter Glickman

  • Review: Master Cleanse
  • Series: —
  • Author: Peter Glickman
  • No of Pages: 112
  • Release Date: Expected publication: January 1st 2013 by Peter Glickman, Inc.

Synopsis:Master Cleanse

Weight loss has become a national problem that continues to grow. Detoxification is also getting more attention every day as people realize just how many toxins, pesticides and food allergies are part of everyday life. But what most people do not realize is that these are two sides of the same problem.The body protects itself from these toxins by storing them primarily inside fat cells. So, eliminate the toxins and the weight comes off. Continue to consume toxins, pesticides and ignore food allergies and the weight piles on.Nearly half a century ago, the first detoxification diet, the Master Cleanse, was published by Stanley Burroughs. Since then hundreds of thousands of people have done it. Glickman promotes the same regimen, but adds information on what to expect, which days might be difficult and what to do to overcome those difficulties.Peter Glickman’s first book on the Master Cleanse in 2004 sparked a revival and was translated into 8 foreign languages. This book will make the Master Cleanse go viral.Based on Glickman’s coaching of more than 2,000 people on the Master Cleanse; this book:Shows you step-by-step how to get great resultsCovers all the questions a new person would haveTeaches you how to be a great Master Cleanse coachThis book inspires the reader in an easy-to-read, fun style. It’s the perfect book to coach you and your friends!

My thoughts:

Wow! Ok, I’ve tried my hand at a few healthy diets before but this one seems very serious. Not in a bad way really but in an intense, are you ready for this, kind of way!

Firstly this book goes into quite a bit of detail about why you should and should not detox your body. Even who should and should not. What signs to look for as you are in the process and what to do afterwards. It’s amazing. But as I said earlier, this is intense. The information provided and the science behind this is even a lot to digest (ha! pun intended!!). I had to read this slowly and some chapters I had to read over and over just to make sure I was understanding what was being said.

Although I wanted to jump into the detox, I admit I was scared! I read the entire book first and then my hubby and I tried it out for a couple of days. I’m definitely one that craves a massive amount of sugar! Fortunately for the hubster, he doesn’t love soda and sugary anything other than apple pie. So this wasn’t a far reach for him and he was able to do a few days before we both said enough! I honestly stopped at day three. But we have both agreed at the beginning of the year we are going back for more!

And that is what I love, love, love about this book. Peter Glickman mentions multiple times that you have to see what you are comfortable with. Yes, you have to push yourself a bit beyond your normal comfy zone for any kind of detox but this one seemed to work with me really well. Sadly I did not weigh myself so I can’t tell you if I did lose any weight. I am more into this for the health benefits and weaning myself OFF of that obsessive, most delicious, wonderful sugar!

So, I would highly recommend this book. It’s intense but it’s also very positive. Peter Glickman continuously reminds us to remain healthy, paying attention at all times to how your body is responding and yes stopping when we have to. This is not a win/fail type of thing. It’s a win/win!!

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