Sunday Post: 21st Edition

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer ~

~ It’s a chance to share news~

A post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.

This week was fantastic!!!

Not only have I been getting ready for the holidays, I’ve been reading some fabulous books and getting all set for the upcoming Walking Dead Marathon! My husband does think that I’m weird, reading zombie books while listening to Christmas music! My two favorite things! Mannheim Steamroller just can not be beat!

And although the review for Sophie’s Run won’t be published until Feb, guys!!! If you’re into Chick Lit / Romance, Sophie’s Turn is fantastic and Sophie’s Run is even better!

Do you listen to Holiday music? What’s your favorite?

Recap of last week:

Coming This Week:

  • Blood Twist by Bonnie Erina Wheeler (Series Review)
  • A Heart for the Ocean by Taylor Lakke (Book Review)
  • Black Moon by Jessica McQuay (Guest Post)
  • Faded by Chloe Miles (Book Review)
  • High Above by Mari Freeman (Book Review)
  • Tainted Love by Eva Marquez (Cover Reveal)

Books I received or purchased:

  • Thought and Experience in Prose Craig R. Thompson (Bought)
  • Sophie’s Run by Nicky Wells (Courtesy of Nicky Wells!)
  • Oxford Whispers by Marion Croslydon (Courtesy of Marion Croslydon)
  • Interesting Times by Terry Pratchett (Bought on Audible)


  • Altered Souls (Witch Avenue, #2) by Karice Bolton (Dec. 13-27, 2012)
  • Zombie Christmas! Apocalypse Z and The Walking Dead Calendar for 2013 (Dec 17 to 25th)

December Happenings:

  • Winter 2012 Challenge!!! 14 Books, 3 Months! I’m super excited about this! The Summer Challenge was amazing and I’m expecting the Winter Challenge to be just as fun! — My updates!
  • All Zombies, All the time! Every Monday until June 2013
  • AMC is doing a marathon Dec 31st of the Walking Dead! I can not wait to rewatch all of that wonderfully intense and fabulous story!

TWD-Seryniti bannerDone


  1. Nice haul… I haven’t of all of these. Hope you like them.. Happy reading.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever’s The Sunday Post

    1. Thank you!! Thought & Experience should be an experience. I’m reading that for the initials portion of the reading challenge. I’m just excited I found someone with my exact initials!

  2. Enjoy all your books!! I never watched the Walking Dead–eep I should huh?

    1. If you like zombies? YES!!! 😀 It is more about the people trying to survive but their stories are SO good!

  3. kimbacaffeinate · · Reply

    We plan to watch the Walking Dead Marathon too, and I totally think its cool to listen to Christmas music and read Zombie books!! I am going to love your Walking Dead Mondays! The Sunday Post

    1. Ha! See, I told him it was totally normal 😀 Or at least normal ish!

  4. Yup, we’ll be watching the marathon too.. Well, as much as we can.

    I don’t really listen to Christmas music, but my favorite is the Elvis Christmas album. I grew up listening to it, so it’s kind of part of me now. lol

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