The Book Chat! What are your holiday reading plans?


Ahhh… I so love the holidays!! From Halloween all the way through my birthday which is Jan 9th. It’s a family tradition to put our Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving or at the most, that weekend! And this year I’ve already started listening to holiday music, I have the tree up and I have started wrapping presents!!


As for reading, my biggest plan is to read Les Misérables!!

A bit of a task, so other than my normal blogging and reading I figure this will take me a good 16 ish or so days if I’m only reading 100 pages a day. Not a bad deal really… I can see doing this. And my hubby who has already read this thinks I will fall in love and totally forget about life for a few days! So maybe it won’t take me that long!

As for the actual holidays I’ll probably take a few days off of reading since we have family coming over to visit us this year. We live so far away from all of our family that this is really a special event! So books will sadly have to be put away. Although they are all huge readers as well so if I sneak a little bit of reading in, I’m sure no one will mind!

I also have the Semi-Charmed Winter Challenge started so if I do have extra time this December, I definitely plan to chisel away at that list!!

What’s your plan for the holidays!? Any holiday books in mind?


  1. 100 pages a day is impressive! I wish I could read that much. I’m reading a book right now that is taking me forever! I cannot get through more than 2 chapters a day and part of me wants to just ditch it because I’m getting frustrated but then another part of me wants to finish it because I’m stubborn and already wasted too much time. Anyway…(excuse my long tangent) Les Mis is SOOO long, and I’ve read pieces of it in HS, but I love everything about the musical. You know, Megan, of Semi-Charmed is pretty obsessed with Les Mis.

    1. Ohhh that’s so sad. It makes you sad not to finish but then it makes you sad TO finish!!

      100 is my goal! Hopefully I can reach it but thank goodness I have 25 days just in case! 😀 My daughter did a play at her college and it was lovely but I don’t remember a thing!

      I’ll have to talk to Megan about it! So far I’m just excited about having it as my goal. Good luck with that book!

  2. we don’t put the tree before st nicolas ( 6december) but i hope to have it just after, as for my reading plan… i want to discover holidays romances and then some book for pleasure only

    1. Ohh! If you find a good holiday romance, please share!!! I don’t read enough holiday stuff. That would be fabulous!

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