Book Review: Libera Me by Christine Fonseca

  • Review: Libera Me
  • Series: The Requiem #2
  • Author: Christine Fonseca
  • No of Pages: Kindle version
  • Release Date: October 30th 2012 by Compass Press


What happens when everything you’ve sacrificed for is lost? 

Aydan thought Nesy’s death would be the end of him, until he meets Nessa and his hope is restored. Could she be Nesy reborn? He is certain she must be. That is, until her lack of memories and incessant nightmares begin to erode his faith.

Zane is used to trusting his mind, his wisdom and his angelic senses. But these attributes are no help with Nessa. He has no way to be certain of her identity, no way of knowing the truth. That is, unless he listens to the one thing he has refused to acknowledge throughout his existence – he feelings for Nesy.

Blind to both angel and demon, Aydan and Zane must figure out the truth behind Nesy’s identity before all is lost, Azza discovers the truth and the Beast is again unleashed.

The lines between good and evil have never been so blurred.

Page 99 Test!

For those that don’t know what a page 99 test is, it is another way to allow you to judge a book without just looking at the cover and synopsis. We all know we judge books by their covers!! This adds a little extra and honestly I’m just addicted to reading page 99’s in any book I read.

Since I read the Kindle version I sorta had to guesstimate where the page 99 was! This particular page 99 is fun! You can feel the tension but you’re not even sure who the second party is. All you know is that they are in love with Nesy. We also know from the synopsis that although these two are talking about school activities there are paranormal events at play. It brings to question, are these two really just teenagers? And why isn’t Nesy telling the anonymous person that she loves him also!? Definitely would pick this up!

Nessa. Thank goodness.


“Hi. Coming to school today? When I didn’t hear from you I was worried.”

“I was going to say teh same to you. Where where you yesterday?”

“Therapy. My aunt sort of freaked out when I didn’t come home after my walk.”

It wasn’t a dream.

“Thank you by the way.”

“For what?”

“For the other night.”

Heat rises through me. “Anytime Nesy.” I catch teh slip too late and wait for her to respond.


“You know I’ll always be here for you.”

“I know.” Her voice is quieter than I want it to be.

I shouldn’t have called her Nesy.

“Hey, we’re still on for Grad Night, right?” she asks. You don’t think it’s too lame that I want to go.”

“Not lame at all. I want to go too, as long as we go together.”

“Thanks,” she whispers.

“I love you Nessa. I want to do everything with you.”

The silenve grows between us. I wait for a response that never comes. Finally, I break the silence. “so, meet me in the usual place?” I ask. “Or do you need a ride?”

“My aunt will take me. She isn’t letting me out of her sight for a few days, I think. Guess I don’t blame her, not really. I shoud’ve called her or something. And yes, I’ll meet you by the lockers.”


I rush to get ready for school. I need to feel Nessa next to me, breathe her in cand calm the fear and doubt spreading through me. — Page 99 Libera Me

My thoughts:

Ok, I have to admit straight from the get go that I screwed this one up! Libera Me is a really interesting book but I was totally lost and couldn’t figure out why. I looked up the synopsis in Goodreads and noticed that this is actually book TWO of a series that has #0.5 Dies Irae, #1 Lacrimosa, and #1.5 Mea Culpa ALL prior to this one! And sadly I did not have the time to read those before this review. So, the review below is based on my not realizing and as I was researching this I did have the email from the fabulous Heather from SupaGirl Tours with the previous mentioned books! I must say though, even though I read them out of order I am quite intrigued and plan to start over, read in order and probably update this review! And then I will be ready for book 3 out of the bunch, Dominus!

Whew… that was a mouthful but I really needed to get that out before you read this review, which is still positive but I felt like I was missing so much and well yeah, having not read the previous three books I kind of feel like inserting a DUH moment here.

This book was really good though. It was like I was reading a character arc that just kept going and going and going! Then tension wasn’t building, the tension was massive from page one on, so thick you could literally cut it. It is a bit of a love triangle and I wasn’t sure who to cheer for not having the full information but honestly I wasn’t even sure if I trusted Nesy from the get go. Stuff happens, which is what is keeping that tension so thick, that just could not be explained easily. And I kind of just want to shake both guys and make them listen! But we know how love works and when you’re in love what you will do to save your loved one, even if it is from themselves!

And not only do you have just Nesy and this love triangle to worry about, there is sooo much more that I don’t totally understand yet. But I do know one thing the characters and the plot are really good. Definitely good enough to go back and see what I’m missing!

Also, something that doesn’t have to do much with the actual story line. I love the way Christine Fonseca writes. As I said I felt consistently throughout this book that this was at a level of intensity that from the beginning didn’t drop. I don’t know many authors that can consistently keep that up! It was brilliant and I can not wait to read more from her, starting with the first three!

About the author:

School psychologist by day, critically acclaimed YA and nonfiction author by night, Christine Fonseca believes that writing is a great way to explore humanity. Her many titles include TRANSCEND, DIES IRAE, LACRIMOSA, MEA CULPA, and in nonfiction: 101 SUCCESS SECRETS FOR GIFTED KIDS and EMOTIONAL INTENSITY IN GIFTED STUDENTS.

When she’s not writing or spending time with her family, she can be sipping too many skinny vanilla lattes at her favorite coffee house or playing around on Facebook and Twitter. Catch her daily thoughts about writing and life on her blog.

For more information about Christine Fonseca or the series, visit her website – or her blog

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