Happy Halloween!

This is always my favorite time of year! I absolutely LOVE Halloween and the frights that are brought with it.

Tonight I’m probably not going out but plan to sit on my comfy couch watching scary movies and eating my deliciously home made, never microwaved, popcorn! 😉

I think I’ve talked myself into watching Evil Dead and the Exorcist. My two favorite all time horror movies. Ohhh … Or Dawn of the Dead. I tried to get my hands on Zombieland but can’t find that movie anywhere!

What movies would you watch?

Are you looking forward to upcoming scary movies for 2013? And if so, which!?

If you’re going out, have fun and stay safe! And if you liked the original Evil Dead, check this trailer out…

Seriously, it’s going to be good. Bruce says so: “I know you fans were pissed when you heard about the remake, don’t think I didn’t read about it … I will accept all of your collective apologies when this film comes out … I will be there in spirit in every frame of this movie. It’s time to pass the torch.” – Bruce


  1. Honestly, even though I love the Evil Dead movies, this new film looks really good. Unfortunately, you will never be able to replace Bruce Campbell! As far as horror movies in 2013, I am looking forward to Mama by Guillermo del Toro.

    Oooo, good movie choices tonight! Maybe I should see if Evil Dead is streaming in Netflix. Aside from handing out candy to the kids and keeping the huskies from rushing the door, I thought about watching Pontypool after the season three finale of Face/Off.

    Have an awesome night!

    sinn @ sinnful books

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