Promo! Intimate Strangers by Anne M. Strick

  • Romance / Social Issues
  • Title: Intimate Strangers
  • Author – Anne M. Strick
  • Date to be Published: June 5, 2011


Intimate Strangers is the rich, complex and passionate story of a contested adoption and of the two women who join to save a small boy’s life. The book examines the various faces of love: erotic love and romantic love, the love of parent for child and child for parent; and what “really” makes a parent. The book’s suspenseful focus is on the child’s fate – and on the relationship between the women, law partners with widely divergent and equally traumatic histories; who battle on his behalf. The case strikes at the heart of each. Out of their own shadowy backgrounds, the women make a stunning discovery – and must decide what to do about it, and what to do about the men in their lives. This is a story of loss, of healing and redemption. And at the same time, a heartfelt plea for justice in our courts for the most helpless among us.

Author Bio:

Anne M.Strick has spent over twenty years in the movie industry. She has worked for Universal, Warners, Paramount and EMI, as a Unit Publicist, Project Coordinator and National Publicity Director,  and  with such Hollywood legends as Jack Nicholson, James Earl Jones, Sean Penn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Lynch, Sting and Dino De Laurentiis, among many others.  She has published theater reviews, articles in Parents Magazine , Frontier and The Nation, and six books: two novels, two self-help books, one memoir (a best-seller in Italy); and a non-fiction, scholarly critique of our adversary trial system. (”remarkable”) . Born in Philadelphia, and educated at Bennington College and UCLA, she lives in Los Angeles.

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