Extra Life Event with Giveaway!!

Give to get!

The Extra Life Event is sadly not about books, it’s about LIFE! It’s about donating money to a children’s charity while playing games! For those of you who have graciously followed this blog since its inception you know I started blogging about gaming. I moved all of that over to flufffactor.wordpress.com and kept all of my book blogging here. But this event is so fabulous that I just had to share on both blogs.

You see what Extra Life does is takes any time I play on Oct 20th and transfers it to money. So last year I was able to play 24 hours straight and all the proceeds I gained went straight to the children’s charity! Can it get any better?! Well, yes they can say whatever books I read that day will be transferred but since this particular one is for gaming I guess I have to stick with that for now!

I know it’s been a hard year for everyone and I would not normally do this but I absolutely love what this particular event stands for. If you can not donate please do not feel bad. This has been a tough couple of years for everyone and I completely understand! However if you can spare a few dollars I would greatly appreciate it! If you can donate the lowest participation is $12.00 which comes out to .50 for every hour I spend gaming!

This year I’m working for the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. If you have or have ever had a loved one that needed to stay in a hospital, please think about donating! I will so greatly appreciate it!

As a special gift I am doing a give-away for anyone that donates or spreads the word about this fabulous event! You do NOT have to donate, any support is fabulous and I want to thank anyone and everyone for helping out with this lovely event!

Where to donate: My Extra Life Participant page.

The Giveaways!!! **INT**

  • TWO $10.00 gift certificates from Amazon or Barnes & Noble (your choice)!
  • Guest post on My Seryniti!

Don’t miss out… Rafflecopter is here!!!

Want to know more about Extra life and all that they do? Check out the Extra Life Website!


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