“The Hobbit” Read-Along Chapter 1: “An Unexpected Party”


hobbit (Photo credit: loresui)

I have never read The Hobbit. Why I am not sure. Never got around to it although I do love the movies of Lord of the Rings it never seemed like something I wanted to do and I certainly didn’t have the time for them. However with the movie right around the corner I decided to go get The Hobbit and get it read before the holidays and get my fabulous hubby to take me for Christmas Eve.

As unexpected as the guests were to Bilbo, that is how unexpected the writing is to me. I find it quite lyrical and an absolute delight!

The first chapter is brought to you by the host for this Read a long, Warden’s Walk and is a fantastic beginning to a wonderful read!

“The Hobbit” Read-Along Chapter 1: “An Unexpected Party”.

Are you as excited about this movie as I am? Do you plan on reading the book before the movie comes out?

Have you read the book before? You can always read along! We just started this week.


  1. Of course, after this you’ll have to actually read The Lord of the Rings, too! It’s more than worth it.

    1. HA! You must have read my mind, I was actually thinking the same thing!

  2. The Hobbit was a fun read! It was targeted at a younger audience than LOTR of course. I found LOTR was way too descriptive for me (a description of a mountain could run for pages & pages) though I did enjoy the story.
    The Hobbit though was through & through adventure tale so I hope you enjoy it!

    Am looking forward to the movie too although I have my doubts since finding out that they’re doing a trilogy for it…?!?

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