Book Chat Thursday!


The book chat is an ongoing blog series where we can all chat about books with prompts given weekly.  It is open to everyone, there are no obligations, and you can join in whenever! So basically this is how it works…

*Every Thursday we will post the answer to last weeks question and a new topic question will be given.

*Answer the question on your own blog on the next Thursday &  Link back up on here!  

That easy!  It can be a picture, summary, review or just gushing about the book.  Anything you want.   No obligations of course. 

All I ask is that you link back up to me in your post (so other people can join in the fun).  Here’s a pretty button for you to use (but don’t have to).

Today’s post: What are your favorite names from literature?  Do you have a child named after a literary figure or character?

Ohhh… boy! So, my favorite heroine is Ayla from Clan of the Cave Bear. I just love her. I love everything about her. I love that name.The Clan of the Cave Bear

When my daughter was younger she told me that if I had named her Ayla, she would have been very upset. Very recently she tells me, oh no… I think I like that name!! HA! But who knew twenty years ago right?

Also, Penelope has always been a favorite. Where I got that name I have no idea but I’m pretty sure I’ve read it somewhere. Penny for short. SO freaking cute!!

There are probably a lot of Edwards and Bella’s running around after the last couple of years and I have to admit they are nice. Edward is also my dad’s middle name so I “could” get away with that if I wanted to, but I’d also LOVE Edmond. From the Count of Monte Cristo. That name is just fantastic!!!

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