Promotional Event for Nine Lives by Shari Richardson

Promotional event for the YA paranormal, NINE LIVES (Highland Home #5), by Shari Richardson. The fifth book is set to release September 10, 2012.


(1) eBook copy of each of the five Highland Home Novels (complete series). *Open Internationally*

September 10 through September 30, 2012

Giveaway of Highland Home Novels!


Mourning Sun

I should have known when he walked into my life that things would never be the same. Hadn’t I dreamed of him and the things he’d done before I was born? If only he weren’t so fascinating, so beautiful, so much more than any other guy. Maybe then I could walk away.

Mairin Cote is a magnet for weird. Her dreams come true, she can see auras and her mother is in love with an angel. Now the monsters are finding her too. Vampires, demigods and werepanthers have flocked to this small town girl who must find a way to keep her family safe, love the man of her dreams, and navigate the shark-infested waters of Highland Home High School.

Captured Sun

My first kiss was going to be my last, but it was worth it. His cool lips, his sweet taste, they were my salvation. I would never regret it, no matter what happened.

Mairin Cote thought loving a vampire was hard, but losing him to others of his kind was worse. When the death toll in East Hampton points to a rampaging vampire, the vampires and werepanthers must form an uneasy alliance to stop the destruction. To save the love of her life, Mairin must decide if living life without Mathias is worth risking an eternity with him.

Seven Days

The pain was sharp and deep, but it was nothing compared to the anguish in Xavier’s eyes. I wanted to tell him I would be okay, but the words wouldn’t come. The pain kept them at bay and even if I could have spoken, I knew the words would be a lie.

Kerry Cote has a pretty normal life for a teenager. Of course normal is a relative term. Her sister dates a vampire and her boyfriend turns furry once a month, but that’s not the problem. It isn’t until she meets the father of the man she loves that her whole existence narrows to a mere seven days.

Banished Sun

Eternity. How many times since Mathias came into my life had I considered it? Had I not taken risks that would have left us together for eternity? What I hadn’t expected was to have the choice taken from us. Vampires are independent creatures and the old ones definitely don’t like being bound to a human. When an ancient vampire comes to Highland Home bent on Mairin’s destruction so he can free himself from his bond to her, Mathias is forced to choose between what he is and who he wishes to be.

Nine Lives

I felt a familiar ripple and knew it was too late for me. I saw her, so tiny, so perfect and I knew that I could die content. When Xavier admitted his love for me, I was complete.

Kerry Cote’s story may sound familiar, but it’s not. Sure there are a lot of unmarried, pregnant teenagers in the world, but how many of them know the child they carry is a miracle? How many have a vampire body guard? How many are alone because the mother of us all and the father of all vampires has a jealous daughter who covets the baby’s father? Kerry must survive to bring her child into the world, for if she fails, humanity may not survive.

Thank you to ATOMR Tours for hosting this fabulous giveaway!


  1. Thank you for participating in the tour for the release of Nine Lives. I look forward to giving your winner the books so that they, too, can fall in love with the saga.

    1. Oh my pleasure Shari! That story sounds so interesting. I have to admit, I have yet to read, I may have to see if I can enter this contest also!! πŸ˜€

  2. Never heard of this saga before now. Sounds right up my alley.

    1. Sounds interesting right!? I sadly have yet to read this! But it’s on my TBR!

      1. Apparently I won this giveaway according the rafflecopter site. πŸ™‚ So how does this work? Never won anything like this before lol

      2. GRATS!!! I just sent you an email but to give you the gist you just send me your name, the email addy you want the books to go to and the type of ebooks you prefer (pdf, mobi or epub).

        Then I send that over to AToMR Tours and they send it to the author. We have until Oct 7th to send in the info so you’ll probably see the books sometime after that. πŸ˜€

        Grats again. Just email me when you can!

      3. I didn’t receive your e-mail. 😦

      4. Hmm.. I sent it to the one in the rafflecopter. Maybe check that email address that is in there. The same thing happened to me the other day. I won a book and they sent it to the rafflecopter email which for some reason wasn’t my wordpress email!

        If it’s easier for you just send your info to πŸ˜€

    2. Hey, still haven’t gotten an email from you and the end turn in date is coming up. I may have to pick another winner. Just send the info to and I’ll get you all set up.

      1. I’m about to e-mail you right now. I hope you haven’t picked a new winner yet.

  3. I have been wanting to read these books but haven’t gotten around to it. They sound amazing and hopefully I can start reading them soon. πŸ™‚

    1. I know! They sound great. Sadly I have yet to read them but I plan on it soon!

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