Book Review: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice

  • Review: Claiming of Sleeping Beauty
  • Series: Sleeping Beauty
  • Author: Anne Rice
  • No of Pages: 253
  • Publication: Published May 1st 1999 by Plume


From bestselling author Anne Rice, writing as A.N. Roquleaure. In the traditional folktale of ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ the spell cast upon the lovely young princess and everyone in her castle can only be broken by the kiss of a Prince. It is an ancient story, one that originally emerged from and still deeply disturbs the mind’s unconscious. Now Anne Rice’s retelling of the Beauty story probes the unspoken implications of this lush, suggestive tale by exploring its undeniable connection to sexual desire. Here the Prince reawakens Beauty, not with a kiss, but with sexual initiation. His reward for ending the hundred years of enchantment is Beauty’s complete and total enslavement to him as Anne Rice explores the world of erotic yearning and fantasy in a classic that becomes, with her skillful pen, a compelling experience.


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My thoughts:

Never really having read Erotica, but definitely being an Anne Rice fan, when I found this book I thought to myself, okay why not give it a try!? All I can say now is, whew… Is it hot in here!!?

Ok, fortunately that’s not near all that I can say about this book!! It is most definitely Erotica, if you are in any way shy then this could be a little over the top for you. Or if like me, you are curious, I say GO for it! What do you have to lose? It’s a very intriguing, nice spin on a story we all know, even without all the sex.

Beauty is also a very interesting person. The choices she makes get her into more trouble and at first I was kind of like, what in the hell are you doing woman!? But I soon came to realize that she is seriously enjoying the punishment that is doled out when she does anything mischievous. It is still kind of odd but you can tell she was seriously enjoying herself. She goes from bashful young girl to grown woman in the span of no time at all and it’s honestly quite impressive.

As they say, if you liked 50 Shades of Grey this should be right up your alley. Sadly for me I have not yet read all of 50 Shades although I did pick up book one and am really enjoying the beginning. But unlike 50 Shades this book jumps right to the sex. And I mean RIGHT to it. So it is a more in your face sorta tale, not that I’m saying that’s a bad thing at all! It’s a … whew I need a drink, thing.

Plot, characters, and all the sex are all quite intriguing. Very smoothly written!

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  1. I read the claiming of Sleeping Beauty many years ago, and I think I just wasn’t quite ready at that time. I wonder what I’ll think of it now. 😉

    1. It’s an interesting trilogy to say the least! Hey, between you and me, enter the contest, there will actually be two, the huge one with the 25 giveaways and one just for my blog! If you win and read and don’t like, then YOU have a giveaway! 😀 YAY win/win.

      1. Cool! Just did. 🙂

      2. Awesome!! Good luck!

  2. I am so excited to read this trilogy by Anne.

    1. You’ll always remember the first time. 😉 Don’t forget to get in on the giveaway!! There’s another giveaway that I’ll be doing in two days or so as well!

  3. When 50 Shades if Grey became so popular, my husband, who is a huge Ann Rice fan, told me about the Sleeping Beauty books. I followed the link Ann Rice posted about your review on her facebook page and I’m even more interested in reading them now! It sounds like a fun variation of the story 🙂

    1. It totally is! There will be two giveaways so if you enjoyed 50 shades, definitely try for the first giveaway. You’ll see the second here soon also! 😀

      1. I started 50 shades like you! But put it down and started Ann Rice’s Vampire Chronicles instead 🙂

    1. Totally is! Super, sexy fun!

  4. I actually read this series as well, and well…I loved it! I guess I was spoiled to Anne’s way of grabbing the reader and not letting go of their imagination, but I actually found 50 Shades to pale in comparison to Sleeping Beauty. I would say to a person that is shy or doesn’t usually read this genre of book, read 50 Shades, get your feet wet, and then read this series. I am sure that it will be a nice wild ride they won’t soon forget. Oh don’t forget to have a drink of water close by or a fan, you might need it. 🙂

    1. Great idea!! Although I picked this one up and was amazed! My hubby would ask why I kept blushing while reading and I just had to shoo him away! 😀

  5. reader chick · · Reply

    I listened to the audio books while working, would love to have three books to suit and actually read!

    1. YAY! I hope you went in for the giveaway! And I have another coming up in a couple of days! Come back and try for that one also!

  6. Kate Yannibelli · · Reply

    Looks like a good read!

    1. Fabulous read! If you are an Anne Rice fan join in on the giveaway!!

  7. Michelle Gibbs · · Reply

    I read the first one. Loved it.

    1. The story just gets better from the first!! And sexier! Whew… ❤

  8. I have picked these books up but wasn’t sure about them. I might give them a try now

    1. Please do! Like someone said, if it’s a bit much, try 50 Shades and then jump to this! Come back and let me know what you think!

  9. James J. Hoegerl · · Reply

    I am a huge Anne Rice fan and admirer, and an aspiring writer as well. She’s responded to me with nothing but encouragement and I shall always be grateful.

    1. She’s such a great gal! I got to meet her for one of her book tours. Sooo exciting!

  10. can’t wait to read this series

  11. My wife would love this. I am entering for her ❤

    1. Fabulous! what a great hubby you are! 😀

  12. I think I’m one of the only ones of my friends not to fall into the 50 Shades craze, yet, but I’m actually a lot more interested in reading this trilogy. I love Anne. 🙂

    1. Yeah I just started reading 50 Shades. This one is definitely Va VA VOOM! Not sure about 50 Shades yet.

  13. […] Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice (Book Review) […]

  14. No idea Anne Rice wrote this, great review!

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