Book Review: Mosswoods by Astrid Yrigollen

  • Review: Mosswoods
  • Series: —
  • Author: Astrid Yrigollen
  • No of Pages: Kindle
  • Publication: first published July 12th 2011


Poppy Mosswood like most 17 year olds wants to lead a normal life. But the Mosswood family is anything but normal. Keepers protect the land from humans who would exploit it. For in the forest dwell wondrous creatures and dangerous beings. Beings that would love nothing more but to overthrow all of mankind.

Ruthless billionaire Preston Buckthorn moves to town planning to marry Poppy to his son Brad. Brad wastes no time trying to win her heart but his love is warped by the taint that runs in his blood.

As Poppy is taken in by Brad’s charms the appearance of a handsome stranger from the forest awakens her heart even though it is forbidden by both their worlds. From his long dark green hair to his piercing eyes, Ashtel is beautiful and powerful. He feels the danger that has emerged to threaten both of their worlds.Torn between pledging herself as a Keeper, Brad and Ashtel, Poppy is unaware of the true identity of Preston Buckthorn and that his sinister plan includes much more then just owning Mosswood forest.

My Thoughts:

This was a really interesting story that at first reminded me of the baby that The Never Ending Story and The Princess Bride might have. The narrator’s voice was fairytale ish. It’s starts out very easy to read but then I got muddled until about the halfway point where it really picked up again.

I love Astrid’s style of writing and the plot was decent so honestly I’m not sure what was throwing me off. But I do know I absolutely hate Poppy’s mother. She doesn’t make any sense to me. Plus I think they way Poppy’s parents, Fern and Woody, started telling her about their life also drug the story down a little. I mean this is a lot to throw at a girl! And then her mother, ohhh her mother! That woman!! I think I was literally yelling at some of the decisions she chose. She’s pushing Poppy and not realizing that the fact that she didn’t have patience is exactly why Poppy was being pushed away! Parents, reverse psychology! Look it up!!!

But as soon as Poppy started getting out there, although she was disobeying her parents, well at least her mother, and doing stuff on her own it picked right back up. Poppy started learning things the hard way but it was the best way! Her character really started coming out and it was great.

So, the first half drug a little but the second half, now! There is where things really start getting interesting! I think, for me, that’s when the plot starts coming together. You start seeing more of the characters, although I seriously dislike Poppy’s mother throughout the entire thing, her father starts coming out of his shell.

And Ashtel! Ohhh I love that guy. Ashtel was my favorite! Oh or Watty. Watty seems to be the Cheshire Cat of the entire situation. And every story needs its own Cheshire Cat. He’s adorable! If you can call a cat that looks like a saber tooth tiger and talks, adorable.

So! All in all I definitely recommend this book. It really does read like a fairy tale and if you feel yourself falling back a bit just push through the explanations and get towards the middle. It’s worth it!

About the author:

Astrid Yrigollen was born in the Bay Area of Northern California, currently she lives in Marin County ,California. Aside from reading and writing she enjoys the beach,pets and studying her third language ,Japanese.Astrid also likes to sew for her Japanese dolls known as Super Dollfies. Her gallery of dolly dresses can be seen at her sister site Grave Designs She also co-chairs with her husband for


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  2. kimbacaffeinate · · Reply

    Glad to hear the second half more then made up for the first part, I laughed at what kind of baby this book was..hahaha. Awesome review

    1. Thank you Kimba! 😀 and look who totally remembered to link up to you this week! 😉 There’s always a first for everything, right? HA

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