Exclusive Excerpt from Christopher Starr!

If you’re read The Road to Hell by Christopher Starr I’m sure you’re psyched about book two, Come Hell or High Water, and if you haven’t read it then you should! I’ve been begging Christopher for some insights to his book since he’s been teasing us with the cover updates on facebook page. And here in my email I find this excerpt! I didn’t know which I loved more the fact that my power was finally turned on after the hurricane, seriously people it’s hot here, or the fact that I got this excerpt!!! ❤

Oh and guys, if you know anything about Christopher, he loves his villains and blood! This isn’t too much on the bloody side but it’s intense!

“Come out,” I said in the darkness. My voice echoed off the walls of the haven.

The havens in Righteousness were not built for me, for my size. I filled the hall, my armor scraping gouges into the stone walls, my helm scarring the ceiling. There was nowhere for them to run. They had to go through me.

Silence. Then shuffling.

Movement. On the other side of the wall to my right.

“I said, Come OUT!”

The motion stopped and I could hear the shallow breathing drumming off the walls, pacing in the air. There were two of them and they were scared. Terrified. I sniffed the air and smiled.

I could smell them. A cherub and a dominion.

The cherub came first, teetering on shaking legs. She was young, a girl to you, early teens maybe. Her golden skin shimmered in the light steaming from me and her eyes, those ancient eyes—eyes of the Father—welled with tears when she looked at my face. There was fear and recognition there. A furtive glance, only a split second long, told me she was hiding something.

“Do you know me?” I said and my voice was a harsh whisper. Grating and hard.

She nodded.

“Say it! Name me, cherub.”

She fixed those big eyes on me, looked into the rage prowling in my soul, glanced at the sword slowly creeping up my forearm. “You are Michael the Archangel, Captain of the Host. You are the Peace Maker.”

I smiled and it was a horrible smile. “Why am I here?”

Her eyes fell. “We did not choose.”

“We must choose to stand with the Father,” and I cupped her chin, “or fall.”

The shuffling began again in earnest: he was running. The dominion’s breaths were frantic; he was huffing and giving himself away.  I whirled, slicing troughs in the stone, peering through the gashes. He was fast, this one, sliding beneath my blade, darting between my fingers. But not fast enough.

My sword scraped his arm and he burst in a kaleidoscope of color. His light was harmless; I know the light that can hurt. The light that can burn and scar and murder. This light was water lapping against stone. A distraction. An annoying distraction. I lunged through the wall, snatching at him. My heavy hand coiled about his neck and I pulled him close.

“You did not choose, dominion. You know what comes next.”

He nodded, sending a spasm of color throughout the haven. It was beautiful in its sorrow. I smiled at him and my fist tightened. The dominion became a spear of ash.

I spun again, tossing the blackened remains of her friend at the cherub. She was sobbing now, crying rivers of silver tears. I thumbed them away, held her face with a sinister tenderness. And leaned in close to her so she could see the white tips of the fangs in my teeth. She shook on her feet when I growled.

“Where are the others?” I said.

She pointed. Across the square. On the other side of Righteousness.

“Good girl.” I turned, dragging my blade across her neck. I was airborne before her body slumped into a pile of dust.




What just happened!?!!

I want more! Can I demand more? Come on Christopher! How’s that writing weekend going? I hope it’s good cause this is just whetting the appetite! Awesome as always!

I hope you guys enjoyed and if you want more don’t forget The Road to Hell if you haven’t read. Check out my book review and a Christopher Starr Interview! Get all you can while we wait for book two!

Want more Christopher C. Starr?



  1. Oh you can ask for more…but you gotta be patient! it’s coming…

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