A Reader or a Writer, which would you rather be? by Darlene Jones

A Reader or a Writer, which would you rather be?

by Darlene Jones 
Oh boy, I have to say I dislike either/or questions because most of the time I want both. LOL Greedy, I guess, but I can’t imagine writing without reading and I lived too many years of reading without writing.
As a kid I always had my nose in a book. I carried it around while I dusted around the ornaments and doilies. Of course my mother made me put the book down and dust properly. Putting a book down was agony!
Each Christmas Eve we were allowed to open one present. Good thing it was obvious by feel which was the book. Problem was I finished reading it that evening, but then I could always reread it Christmas Day.
Sometime during my teens the desire to write began to loom in my heart. But, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I followed that dream. And now, here I am with two books published, one being formatted and the fourth a work in progress. Now, I can’t imagine a day without writing.

There are many joys in writing—creating the story, the characters who become friends, playing with the plot line, throwing in a fight or two, and of course a love triangle (that’s the romance, right?). In my story, I have the fun of adding magical elements with the otherworldly characters who give the heroine special powers.

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Genre – Science Fiction / Romance 
Rating – PG13
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