He said / She said : Salem’s Lot

Today we take on Salem’s Lot! Many people have opinions about older stories. And although this one isn’t THAT old it’s one that a lot of Stephen King fans swear by. So the hubster and I took a look.

He said / She said Salem’s Lot by Stephen King:

He says:

  • Cover:  The first cover is bland, second cover (shown below) is freaky!
  • Synopsis: Really good! Ok, I’m really interested in reading this now.
  • Page 99: It draws you in with the mystery of the boy but really there isn’t much there. So far the only intriguing part of the story is the missing boy.
  • Favorite character: Ben Mears. He just accepts everything. He transitions easily to deal with what was going on around him. He went from a humble writer to a vampire hunter, dramatic change and very well handled.
  • Plot pluses: Once the Character introductions were complete the book moved very fast. The changes from a quiet town to a terrorized one is fantastic.
  • Plot minuses: Slow to Start, I got lost in all the character introductions.
  • Rating: 4!!
  • Further comments: The journey in this book compared to Dracula well, to me this is the Modern Day Dracula and a fantastic version of it.

She says:

  • Cover:  The cover for the book that we have is posted on the right, I have to say, I’m not really in love with it. It would in no way help me to pick up this book if it was by an unknown author. Funnily enough, I like the older cover.
  • Synopsis: The synopsis is leaps and bounds better than the cover! It’s intriguing in a way that I’d want to give the book a chance. Or at least look at page 99.
  • Page 99: Mostly about Ben. Nothing about vampires, but this was slow to start so I guess I’m not surprised. Ben Mears is an interesting character and page 99 is all about him. Not bad but not great either.
  • Favorite character: Susan – She seems stubborn but in a good way. And definitely is willing to stand up for what she wants to protect and man is she braver than I am!
  • Plot pluses: I love horror! Although this is subdued horror it still gave me a few chills. Nicely done!
  • Plot minuses: I had to trudge through the book. It was slow pretty much everywhere. Plus the characters were kinda flimsy.
  • Further comments: I would wonder if I really do like vampires what with my book review on Dracula, the Countess and now Salem’s Lot! My all time favorite vamp story is definitely Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire. Book and movie were both phenomenal!
  • Would you recommend this book: Sure. But only to serious vampire fans or Stephen King fans. The list kind of ends there.

What are your favorite vamp stories? Yes, you can include Twilight. Yes I know sparkly vampires are weird but at at least they’re different!


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  2. Love Stephen King–reading his books when I was a young teenager convinced me that I wanted to be a novelist, that I wanted to devote my life to writing fiction. I dreamt last night about meeting him =) Salem’s Lot is a great book, but still not in my top-10 King books!

    Jan @ TheRewildWest

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